Release Notes

This article lists key updates and version history with features and functions inside the DNA Web App. The most recent updates are listed first.

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Release November 30, 2023

New Integrations:

  • Zapier Integrations: Connect your DNA Behavior account to over 5,000 apps with Zapier. This integration is live and being rolled out to beta-users in December.
  • New Integration: DNA Web App connected with Fidelity Wealthscape via SSO. Single sign-on integration now available.

App Improvements:

  • Team Report: Updates to the team report to prevent page breaks when generating reports with more than 15 participants.
  • Default tab: Set a default view for Work Talents or Financial Behavior insights in your account. Make a default select in your account by following the instructions here.
  • New Products: We've revamped our products to include our most popular training and implementation to guarantee your success. See our the packages here.
  • Updates to Market Mood: We've updated the Market Mood labels on the Account Dashboard.
  • Billing Portal: Updates to the billing portal to make managing your account easier.

Release October 3, 2023

Exciting Updates: 

  • AI Chatbot: Meet Gene! We've added a chat bot script to the app, providing you with instant assistance whenever you need it.
  • Speed Enhancements to Web App: We have made hundreds of small code enhancements to speed up the web app's performance.
  • Behavioral Nudging for Participants: Participants will now receive prompts to speed up questionnaire completions, making the process smoother and more efficient.

App Improvements:

  • DNA Web App Logo: We've fixed the issue where the app logo appeared cropped. Now, the logo is displayed perfectly, making your app interface look sleek and professional.
  • Filtering Made Easy: We've improved the filter functionality for Sub-Factors. Now, filters are applied to insights, helping you quickly find the information you need.
  • Guidance for New Users: New users that have not completed Natural Behavior will now receive helpful pop-up messages to encourage them to complete the Discovery process seamlessly.
  • Tag Validation: We've added character length validation for tags, preventing any confusion or errors when adding tags to your data.
  • Smooth Participant Report Generation: Resolved an issue where participants would periodically see error messages when generating reports.
  • Onboarding Simplified: During onboarding, the "Next" button will now be disabled until you select the necessary settings, making the process more intuitive.
  • Streamlined User Management: We've added validation to the "Add Users" button, ensuring a seamless experience when managing users.
  • More ways to Export Your Data: Enjoy extended export features, giving you more flexibility in managing your data. Now export data based on filtered factors and sub-factors.
  • Visual Consistency: We've updated the look and feel for 'Market Mood', 'Career Insights' and 'Performance Keys' enhancing visual consistency.
  • Custom Report Naming: Work Talent custom report names will now be displayed correctly on downloaded PDF files, extending this customization option.

Discovery Process Improvements (for participants):

  • Speed Up Questionnaire: Participants will now receive prompts to speed up questionnaire completions, making the process smoother and more efficient.
  • Stay Informed: We've added an instructions reminder link to every page of the DNA Discovery, making it easy for you to get guidance when you need it.
  • Discovery Navigation: The "Confirm" button will no longer appear on the Discovery questionnaire page, eliminating any confusion.
  • Log Out Conveniently: You can now log out directly from the onboarding screen, saving you time and clicks.

Release August 17, 2023

  • Export Natural Behavior data: Based on your recommendation, we've implemented a new export functionality that allows users to export their Natural Behavior data into a spreadsheet format. To find out more about this feature, you can learn about it here.
  • Email Reminders: Recommended by you - we've introducing automated email reminders. The DNA Web App will now send timely reminders to participants who have incomplete Natural Behavior processes. This feature aims to boost participant engagement, ensuring that the process is completed promptly and accurately. You can control these reminders. Learn more here.
  • The Team Report factor scales have been updated to match the following ranges: 
    • Lower Range :- 20-44
    • Middle Range :- 45-55
    • Higher Range :- 56-80
  • We've updated the the default sort order for the Work Talent and Financial Behavior cards. With this updated, we've also enhanced how we store these settings, so if you have previously set a custom sort order, you will need to save it once more. Learn more here. 
    • New sort order for the Work Talents cards:
      • Work Talents
      • Two Strongest Traits
      • Style Match
      • T-Scores
      • Workplace Insights
      • Career Insights
      • Strengths
      • Struggles
      • Communication Keys
      • Preferred Contact Methods
      • Legacy Reports
    • New sort order for the Financial Behavior cards:
      • Financial DNA 5-scores
      • Risk Behavior
      • Style Match
      • Market Mood
      • Behavioral Biases
      • T-Scores
      • Strengths
      • Struggles
      • Communication Keys
      • Preferred Contact Methods
      • Legacy Reports

Released July 26, 2023

  • Increase speed of conducting two-person comparisons on the dashboard: Users can now perform quicker comparisons between individuals, enabling them to make more informed decisions and gain valuable insights from the data promptly.
  • Enhanced the Discovery 404 page to lead participants to the specific discovery options: Now, participants that land on are guided to the various discovery options, reducing frustration and ensuring a smoother user experience for participants that are lost. 
  • Behavioral bias charting is now responsive for mobile users: Mobile users can now easily access and interact with behavioral bias charts, providing them with valuable behavioral insights on-the-go and enabling better decision-making in real-time.
  • Enhanced the leader selection for team and group report creation: Users can now more accurately and effortlessly select leaders for team and group reports, ensuring the right individuals are included in the analysis, leading to more meaningful and actionable reports.
  • Workplace insights charting now has been improved to be more clear that it is population percentage based:  More easily interpret workplace insights data with clearly outlined population percentages.
  • We've linked each insight card in the DNA Web App to a knowledge base describing the insight by hyperlinking the card titles: Users can gain a deeper understanding of the insights by simply clicking the title of the insight they are reviewing.
  • Added a popup flag for records which are predicted from Communication DNA: Users will now be immediately notified of records predicted from Communication DNA, facilitating data transparency. 

Released June 21, 2023

  • Legal Text: Now, the Legal text that you enter into the app Settings page will be displayed on the participant screens. Participants can view this information conveniently in the footer. This update ensures better transparency and compliance in your app. Learn more here.
  • Case Study Name Modification Block: To ensure data integrity and consistency across multiple accounts, we have implemented a restriction on changing the personally identifiable information (PII) of case study participants. This change affects pre-seeded accounts that share case studies. Users will no longer be able to modify the PII details of these case studies. This measure prevents accidental or unauthorized changes and maintains the integrity of your case study data.
  • Improved PDF Download Timing: We have addressed user feedback regarding PDF downloads and made an improvement to the process. Now, when you view a Comparison Report, a timer of 15 seconds will be introduced. Once the timer concludes, the PDF report will be made available for download. This enhancement allows for more reliable and efficient PDF downloads, ensuring you receive the report promptly.
  • Updated Completion Alert Email Links: When participants complete an assessment, their facilitators receive alert emails. We have updated the links in completion alert emails to include links that include the account ID number.
  • Bug Fixes and Operational Improvements: As part of our ongoing commitment to providing excellent customer support, we have made several bug fixes and operational improvements. These enhancements will empower our support team to deliver a seamless and effective customer support experience. We appreciate your valuable feedback, and these changes will enable us to better assist you.

Released 12, 2023

  • Account Based Sorting Cards: We have implemented enhancements to improve the sorting card settings. Now, the sorting card settings are stored by account, providing a more personalized experience for each user.
  • Comparison Report Enhancements: We have made significant improvements to the Comparison Report. These enhancements include a more detailed explanation of the insights to provide better context. Additionally, we have made the language in the report more universal by focusing on "interacting" instead of "working together," making it applicable to a wider range of situations.
  • Financial Behavior Report Enhancements: The Financial Behavior Report has undergone enhancements to provide a more in-depth explanation of the insights. We have also removed the advisor-centric "Market Mood" section to make the report easier to read and understand on an individual level without facilitation.
  • Work Talent Report Enhancements: We have made enhancements to the Work Talent Report, ensuring that the insights provided are explained in greater detail, giving users a better understanding of the context.
  • Internal Admin Panel for DNA Support: In order to better support our growing customer base, we have developed an internal admin panel specifically for the DNA Support team. This tool will empower our support team to provide even better assistance to our valued customers.
  • Bug Fixes

Released May 19, 2023

  • Customized report names for 4 PDF reports: Customize the cover pages for your company's brand by naming them what you want. Customize the Comparison Report, Team Report, Work Talent Report, and Financial Behavior Report.
    This feature is only available for the DNA Consultant package, Financial DNA Office, and the Business DNA Enterprise Package.
    Learn all of the ways you can customize the reports here.
  • New report highlighting the Factor and Subfactor T-scores for participants. This report is available for Named Users to access and download from the DNA Web App on the User page. Learn more about this feature here.
  • Resolving an issue where the behavioral biases charts were loading slowly for some users.
  • Resolved an issue where the Team Report analytics and charts were loading slowly for some users.
  • Resolved an issue where the default account was not assigned in the event that an user belonged to more than one account at account sign up.

Released April 27, 2023

  • Automatic sorting of the users list by completion dates (newest users at the top). 
  • Improved the usability with uploading and editing profile images
  • Added the ability to Sort Cards is now supported to work from session to session (previously, the settings would not be stored once you log out)
  • Update to Financial Behavior 5-scores: "Financial Planning" changed to "Financial Planning Management"
  • Improved clarity in instructions for the Natural Behavior Discoveries for Participants. The words "Most" and "Least" have been bolded
  • Message added to check the download folder for users of the App when a new report file has been downloaded to your device
  • Improved the name user seat count process for managing subscriptions
  • Added the Comparison Report to the Work Talents Toggle
  • Added default toggles for Financial Behavior and Work Talents: The Work Talents toggle is now the default for Business DNA and Consultant subscriptions, while the Financial Behavior toggle is the default for all Financial DNA subscriptions.
  • Allowed staff and users to be mixed on multi-person reports and multi-person dashboards (Comparison and Team reports). Choose users from the My Team tab and then the Users tab to compare them on one report or dashboard.
  • Improved the usability of clicking on specific user records in the user list
  • Ability to remove users from accounts
  • Added a help article link to clarify how tags work in the App. Check it out here.  
  • Updated Helix design on the User and My Team Page of App
  • Resolved an issue that was not allowing users from accounts with many records to be elevated to become named users.

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