Submit Answers Format and Request Body

Summarizing how to translate the questionnaire results captured on an ISV partner's platform and translate those responses into the Submit Answers API operation.

Natural Behavior is a 10-minute process that helps discover and explain the participant's complete personality. In order to identify a participant's personality, a 10-minute assessment consisting of 46 questions must be completed. ISV partners have the ability to integrate this questionnaire into their application, the sequence of this process is highlighted below: 

  1. The ISV Partner collects the responses and then sends these answers to DNA Behavior through the "Submit Answers" API operation.
  2. DNA Behavior receives the answers and then processes them through proprietary algorithms to analyze the participant's responses to these questions and generate insights. If successful, DNA Behavior responds with a 200 success code.

The Format of the Questions:
Each question has a triad of options where the participant selects 1 most like, 1 least like, and leaves one option blank.

Think of the triad options as positions, where with the below example, "Expresses optimism" is in position 1, followed by "Self-reliant" in position 2, and "Lively imagination" in position 3. The positions are what is shared with DNA Behavior in the Submit Answers body. 

Understanding the request body:
Answer data in the body has been shortened to limit the string size. For each question triad, the participant selects 1 most like, 1 least like, and leaves one option blank. In the request body, only the most and least like selections will be sent, and the option that is left blank will be concluded by DNA Behavior based on the item not listed.

The data will be expanded into DNA Behavior database for scoring and storage. Please see the examples below on how to translate the data from the question to the body. 

In the below example, "Provides support" is in position 1, followed by "Consistent approach" in position 2, and "Aspiring" in position 3. 

Questionnaire Selection:

Least = position 2

Most = position 1

The answer data above would be translated into the request body in the following format:

Request Body Data for Question 1:
"q1": {
        "least": 2,
        "most": 1


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