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How Recruiters can Share Candidate Reports with Non-System Users

A guide on how recruiters can generate a comparison report to share candidate insights with non-system users.

Recruiters play an essential role in the hiring process by sourcing, screening, and selecting the right talent for their organization. However, not all hiring managers have the same level of access to the DNA Behavior system used by the recruiter. In such situations, sharing data with non-system users can be a daunting task. But fear not, as we have a solution that can help recruiters to prepare reports for non-system users.

The DNA Web App is an advanced tool that provides recruiters with valuable insights into candidate behavior and personality traits. However, this information is not easily accessible for hiring managers who may not have the same level of access. To help bridge this gap, we have developed a comparison report that can be generated in a few simple steps.

Generating a Comparison Report with a Hiring Manager and Candidate on one report:

To generate the comparison report, the recruiter will need to follow the steps provided in our knowledge base article, "Comparing Two People". The steps are straightforward and easy to follow, and the report can be generated in just a few minutes.

The comparison report allows recruiters to compare the candidate's behavioral style and personality traits with those of the hiring manager. This report provides valuable insights into how well the candidate's behavioral style matches that of the hiring manager, which can be used to make more informed hiring decisions.

Once the report has been generated, it can be easily shared with non-system users, such as hiring managers or executives, in a PDF format. This report can be shared via email, shared drive, or printed out, making it easily accessible to all stakeholders involved in the hiring process.

Inviting Hiring Managers to complete their discovery: 

It is highly recommended that hiring managers complete their own natural behavior discovery inside the system to gain a better understanding of their own behavioral style. By doing so, they can better compare their own behavioral style to that of the candidate and identify any potential gaps or areas of alignment. Use the self registration feature of the system to invite the hiring managers to complete their assessment. 

What if a hiring manager has completed their discovery with another account? 

If the hiring manager has already completed a discovery in another account, DNA Behavior can share their completion data into the recruiter's account. To request this, the recruiter can fill out a form on our knowledge base article titled "Requesting Access to Another User's Discovery". To expedite this request, include your Account name and the user's Name, Email address, as well as the Account details they are currently in (if you know this information). This will allow the recruiter to access the hiring manager's behavioral insights and compare them to the candidate's insights, providing a more holistic view of the hiring process.

In conclusion, generating a comparison report is a great way for recruiters to share valuable data with non-system users such as hiring managers. It provides insights into the candidate's behavioral style and personality traits and helps make more informed hiring decisions. By following the steps provided in our knowledge base article, recruiters can quickly generate and share this report with ease.


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