Self Registration Links

Self-registration links are custom links for your account that you can share with others or install on your website so participants can complete DNA Discoveries.

What Are Self-Registration Links?

Self-registration links are unique URLs tied to your account, enabling participants to engage with DNA Behavior discoveries on their own. As participants complete their discoveries, you'll receive notifications, and their results will be directly populated into your account. These links are highly customizable, allowing you to tailor the experience to meet diverse needs.

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Creating Your Self-Registration Links

Setting up your self-registration links is a straightforward process within the DNA Web App. Here's how to get started:

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Navigate Self-Registration screen: Begin by accessing the Settings page of your DNA Web App. From the left-side menu, select the "Self Registration" option to view your current links or to create new ones.
  2. Add a New Link: Click on the "Add" button to initiate the creation of a new self-registration link.
  3. Configure Your Link: Now, it's time to personalize the settings for your link, which will shape the participant's journey:
    1. Default setting: Each account can have 1 default link. The default experience is assigned as a fall back for individuals who arrive at a broken link for your account or migrated to your account after completing the discovery. 
    2. Tag: Assign a specific tag to your link to help categorize and organize participants based on the link they used.
    3. Named User Assignment: Specify which user within your account will be associated with the participants completing the discovery through this link. This selection drives the alerts you'll receive upon completion.
    4. Discovery Settings: Choose the type of discovery experience for the participants:
      1. Talent: Select this for a "Work Talents" or what was known as "Business DNA" experience.
      2. Investor: Opt for this to offer a "Financial Behavior" or the so-called "Financial DNA" experience.

Legal Text Configuration (Optional):

You have the option to include legal text at the bottom of the onboarding screen that participants see. This legal disclosure is an account-wide setting and will be consistent across all links. It's a valuable feature for ensuring transparency and legal compliance.