3. Accessing the DNA API Keys

The new DNA API accepts keys and not tokens. ​Keys are required to make any calls on the DNA System.​ Learn all about keys.

Keys are the primary authentication method with the DNA API. These are similar to tokens that were used in previous platforms developed by DNA Behavior, with a few more benefits. 

  • Choose the developer that signs up for the developer portal wisely. You will be issued one set. Keys are issued per developer (not per team).​
  • These keys are yours and under your control.  ​Your keys are found on the Profile page of the Developer Portal. ​
  • You are issued a Primary and a Secondary Subscription Key.​ Based on your requirements, you may choose to make your app work with both or only one.
  • You can re-generate your keys at any time in your own developer portal. 
  • Keys are issued by DNA Behavior once you have completed these steps. You can access your keys in the Developer Portal.

DNA Behavior API Keys Showing and Regenerating Keys


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