2. ISV Developer Portal and Accessing the DNA API

The steps to sign up for a DNA Consultant Package and access to the DNA Developer Portal to receive your API keys.

The DNA API, the API keys, and documentation are included in the all-new Developer Portal available at: https://developers.dnabehavior.com/. Follow these steps to access your DNA Consultant Package that's included in your subscription and access the developer accounts needed to work with the DNA API.

Have your developer sign up for a Consultant Package: Sign up here

If you have already signed up for a package, proceed to step 2.
This package is included in the ISV subscription. The above link will provide you with a 14-day free trial to the package to get started and will be extended as long as you have an active ISV subscription. Use this account to explore the insights, review the DNA features and design your DNA API app.

Note: When setting up your Consultant Package, ensure that you choose the correct Named User to avoid any issues in the future. The best-named user should be the developer that you want to access and manage the API keys. If you need to change it for any reason, additional steps will be required. See below for those steps.

Sign in to create your developer account: Sign in here

Next, you will sign up as a developer in the developer portal. This step allows you to elevate your standard subscription to be compatible with the DNA API.
  1. Select "Sign in or Sign up"
  2. Sign in using the same username and password you used with the DNA App in Step 1.
  3. You will receive an email that looks like the following. After you receive this email, proceed to Step 3 to request your developer account be linked to your ISV contract.

Request for a developer account to be linked to your ISV contract:

An ISV contract is required for this step. If you have an active ISV contract in place with DNA Behavior. Complete this step.

Submit an ISV support ticket requesting for your developer account to be upgraded to a full ISV account providing you with API keys. Include in your ticket the username you used to sign up in Steps 1 and 2.

Once your ticket to work on, you will be upgraded as a full developer in the developer portal, you will receive the following email and your API keys will be available for you on your Profile page of the developer portal.

The following is the email you will receive once your keys are available for you in your developer account:

DNA API ISV Subscription Confirmation

To change who can access the API keys in your company, follow these steps:

For security purposes, please note that this is a security change within your API account, and authorizations need to take place. Therefore, please allow sufficient time for this process to complete. It is an IT best practice to minimize API keys in any environment, and therefore, we recommend that you only have one set of API keys assigned to your ISV account. If you wish to transfer access from one user to another, please follow these steps:

  1. Elevate the person to a Named User (if they aren't already) within your DNA Web App account. Follow these steps to do this.
  2. Have the newly elevated user complete steps above starting with "Sign in to create your developer account". 
  3. In addition to the steps above, the existing API key holder will need to authorize the change for API key access in writing by submitting an ISV form here.

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