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Best Practices for Utilizing Business DNA for Hiring Success

Valuable insights and best practices for using Business DNA effectively in the hiring process.

Business DNA is a powerful tool that can significantly enhance your hiring process by providing valuable insights into candidates' behavioral strengths and helping you make informed decisions. In this help article, we will explore some best practices for using Business DNA effectively in your hiring process. By leveraging Hiring and Career insights, creating tags for new hires, generating comparison reports, examining successful past hires, and employing customized benchmarks, you can increase your chances of making successful hires and building strong teams.

  1. Utilize Hiring and Career Insights: Business DNA provides valuable Hiring and Career insights that allow you to gain a deeper understanding of candidates and their potential fit for a specific role. These insights are derived from comprehensive behavioral assessments and can help you identify individuals who possess the desired qualities for the position. Pay close attention to the insights provided and use them as a guide for evaluating candidates' suitability.
    The Hiring insights are on the Work Talents Toggle: Learn more here.

  2. Create Tags for New Hires: To effectively track and manage your new hires, it is recommended to create tags for each open role. By assigning tags, you can easily search and filter candidates within the system, making it simpler to compare, analyze, and identify the best fit for specific roles or projects.
    Learn more about creating tags here.

  3. Generate Comparison Reports: Business DNA allows you to generate comparison reports that provide a side-by-side analysis of candidates and their hiring managers. These reports can be immensely valuable during the decision-making process, as they enable you to identify potential compatibility and alignment between a candidate's behavioral style and the preferred style of their future manager. By considering these insights, you can foster stronger relationships and improve the chances of successful collaborations within your team.
    Learn more about creating comparison reports here.

  4. Examine Successful Past Hires: One of the effective approaches to making successful hires is to analyze the key behaviors and characteristics of past hires who have excelled in similar roles. Look for patterns and commonalities among successful hires, and use these findings as a basis for identifying desirable traits in new candidates. By mimicking the key behaviors of past hires, you can increase the likelihood of finding individuals who are likely to thrive in the position.

  5. Engage DNA Behavior to build Customized Benchmarks: Consider engaging DNA Behavior to create customized benchmarks specifically tailored for the role you are hiring for. DNA Behavior specializes in building behavioral benchmarks that align with your organization's unique requirements. By leveraging their expertise, you can establish a benchmark that reflects the ideal behavioral traits and competencies needed for success in the role. This customized benchmark can then be used as a reference point when evaluating candidates and making hiring decisions.

How does billing work when you use Business DNA for hiring?

When using Business DNA, the pricing structure is based on a per seat basis for both the Business DNA packages and the DNA Consultant Partner package. These packages do not come with unlimited usage available.

Our team closely monitors the usage of accounts and receives regular usage reports. If your account exceeds the expected usage, our team will review the options with you. This ensures that you have the necessary flexibility and support for your hiring needs, even if they go beyond the typical usage limits.

If you wish to manage the number of records in your account and remove unneeded participants, you can easily do so using the "Remove" option on the users page. This functionality is particularly useful when combined with the Tags feature. By tagging individuals based on their role, you can release all unhired candidates associated with a particular tag, streamlining your account and keeping it organized.

Adding a Hiring Multiplier to your account:

If you want to retain a large number of candidates in your account without removing them, we provide an add-on called a "Hiring Multiplier" that can be included in your subscription. This feature enables a higher volume of completions. The Hiring Multiplier is a customizable add-on that our sales team can tailor to your specific business requirements. To learn more and request this add-on, please submit a case and contact our team.