Using Pre-Seeded Case Studies in Your DNA App Account

Explore using the Pre-Seeded Case Studies in Your DNA App Account to learn more about DNA Behavior's Behavior and Money insights.

When your account is created, it is pre-populated with case studies. These case studies offer a range of behavioral profiles and real-life scenarios, allowing you to observe the corresponding insights in the app.

List of Pre-Seeded Case Studies:

Full Name Person ID (Prod) Unique Style
Alicia Davies 7f566574-2581-43fd-b045-a14fbc911aa2 Community Builder
Carlos Valdez 929c8afd-094e-424c-b63c-0e86dab06dfd Adapter
Elizabeth Smith 2a4c1319-1264-4760-9baf-71b76c49c358 Strategist
Hugh Massie f3344929-1c64-4f2e-bab1-61cee5229f32 Initiator
Leon Morales 4089dc9d-32ae-4770-a371-5a708c877814 Initiator
Mary Evans 82fb5e83-9eb7-4d12-9268-d737ad8f2e95 Reflective Thinker
Meena Kapoor 92dcb75a-7c23-40ff-b5db-d89c39305782 Facilitator
Michael Rodriguez 08ebb78d-4f8f-4d34-a1d6-c27e08e4a8f2 Engager
Nora Valdez d6514210-c2b2-438e-827c-c3672ef1442b Influencer
Raj Kapoor 5a752120-77f8-4092-8cc4-7ac8423dc239 Relationship Builder
Robert Davies dd5b1f3d-56c5-4c64-996e-1d6e028242f6 Initiator
Susan Rogers-Evans 82be2221-18d1-42e8-9785-86ae03f891a9 Stylish Thinker

Exploring Different Behaviors:

The collection of case studies has been carefully curated to encompass various behavioral types, providing you with exposure to different personas and their corresponding data. This diversity will help you familiarize yourself with the range of behavioral patterns and understand how the DNA Web App represents these behaviors.

You can remove these case studies from your account:

At any point you want to remove these case studies from your account, you can do so by using the delete feature. Simply press on the trash can icon next to the client's name on the Users tab.