How can I delete my user profile data?

Understand the steps you can take to have the DNA Behavior team remove your user profile data. A step-by-step guide useful for GDPR and CCPA requests.

Applies to:

All users of the DNA App


DNA Behavior follows strict data privacy policies and tries to minimize the data we store. The primary personally identifiable information we hold for users is limited to their Names and Email addresses.

If you wish our team to delete your user profile information, our team can complete this for you when a ticket has been submitted.

Please note that deleting your user profile removes your name and Username from all of the DNA systems, and this process cannot be done. This results in no users being able to view or use your DNA Discovery data. The account admins for the accounts which your user profile is associated with may be notified by our team of this request. 

Step 1: Visit this link to submit a ticket

Step 2: Name your ticket “Delete User Profile for GDPR or CCPA”

Step 3: Include in the description that the following details were completed:

Please remove my user profile from your systems for the following record:

  • Your Participant ID (if this is known to you)
  • Your Full Name (include any additional names your record could be found under)
  • Your Username
  • Your Email address (if this is different from your Username)
  • The firm or account name that your record would likely be associated with (for instance, if you completed a discovery, the firm who invited you to complete it)

Once our team receives your request, we will work on deleting your user profile and will confirm via email once this is completed.


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