Reporting with DNA Web App

The DNA Web app provides configurable reports to drive the participant experience. Learn about the options to create the experience you desire in the DNA Web App.

In the DNA Web App, we have introduced a more dynamic reporting model than our previous system. While we cannot replicate the exact report experiences from the prior system, we believe the new approach will empower you to make more informed decisions.

Key Features of the New Reporting System:

  1. Configurability: One of the most significant improvements in Version 2 is the ability to configure reports according to your specific requirements. You now have the flexibility to choose the insights, colors, and visuals and upload your logo.

  2. On-Screen Insights: With the new reporting system, you can view real-time insights on your screen. This means you can interact with the data on screen, which also encourages users to log into the system overtime to re-review their results.

How to Configure Reports in the DNA Web App:

The DNA Web App allows you to configure the reports by choosing insights, changing colors, uploading your logo, and changing the report names. Access the below how-to articles to configure the reports in your account.

Legacy Financial DNA Reports you may have had access to:

  • Financial Behavior Report
  • FDNA Summary Report
  • FDNA Financial Planning Report
  • FDNA 1-Page Factor Report
  • FDNA Wealth Mentoring Report
  • Financial Talent DNA Report
  • Financial Advisor Talent Report
  • FDNA Investment Risk Report

Legacy Business DNA Reports you may have had access to:

  • Your Work Talents Report
  • BDNA Summary Report
  • Workplace Operation Report
  • BDNA 1-Page Factor Report
  • BDNA Coaching Report
  • BDNA Hiring Report
  • BDNA Career Report
  • Business Talent DNA Report
  • Outside Sales Talent DNA Report
  • Inside Sales Talent DNA Report
  • My Entrepreneurial Style Report
  • Leadership Behavior DNA Report
  • Sports DNA Summary Report