Performance Coaching Facilitation- Gene AI Prompts

Unlock the full potential of DNA Behavior’s Work Talent insights in helping your employees and clients unlock their full potential.

This article is for leaders, coaches, mentors, consultants, advisors who are seeking to use Gene AI in the DNA Web App to facilitate their employees or clients through performance conversations as part of the performance review process using the Work Talents Insights provided with completion of the Business DNA Natural Behavior Discovery Process.


Common Questions: 

  1. How and which behavioral insights from the Business DNA Natural Behavior Discovery Process can be used to assist with facilitating a conversation about a person’s performance?
  2. What specific prompts in the form of questions do I need to ask Gene AI to receive the specific answers and scripts needed for leading a performance review conversation and helping the employee or client through developing a performance improvement plan?

Solution Overview – Gene AI Prompts for Performance Coaching Facilitation:

The successful use of Gene AI requires you to follow the “Right Question In, Right Answer Out” principle. The more specific the questions asked the better responses from Gene AI.

So that you can obtain tailored Work Talent insights from Gene AI based on the participant’s Unique DNA Style we suggest you use the specific prompts below. When using the prompts be sure to include the participants DNA Unique Style of which there are ten – for instance, Initiator, Community Builder or Adapter. You can also use prompts based on their strongest behavioral factor (trait) and sub-factor scores.

A fundamental aspect of understanding how a person can improve performance is being empowered with their behavioral identity. Once a person has clarity of their behavioral identity they can get a greater level of clarity for making decisions to elevate their performance and be more accountable. So, the Performance should start with a behavioral identity conversation. In this regard, please use our article called “Behavioral Identity Facilitation - Gene AI Prompts” for guidance.

In leading the performance coaching conversation, consider starting by using the insights provided for the participant in the DNA Web App. Review the following “cards”:

  • Work Talents 5 scores
  • Typical Strengths for the Participant
  • Typical Struggles for the Participant
  • Workplace Insights for the Participant
  • Career Insights for the Participant

Then, in seeking to improve performance, consider prompting Gene AI to receive answers to the following for the participant’s unique DNA style, by asking – “Tell me….”

  • Workplace Operation Style for an [Adapter]
  • Workplace Needs for an [Adapter]
  • Ideal Workplace Setting for an [Adapter]
  • To Provide a Challenge for an [Adapter]
  • [Adapters] Working with Team Mates
  • Leadership Style of an [Adapter]
  • Measure Performance for an [Adapter]
  • Workplace Decision-Making Style for an [Adapter]
  • Communication Approach for an [Adapter]
  • The [Adapters] Values
  • Key Identity and Workplace Performance Questions for an [Adapter]

For further performance coaching insights, based on the Factors and Sub-Factors report:

  • Tell me more about their strongest behavioral traits with T scores of 60 or more
  • Tell me more about their strongest behavioral traits with T scores of 40 or less