Migrating to the New DNA Behavior Web App

In this article, you can access step-by-step details to prepare yourself for the migration to the all-new DNA Behavior Web App.

For the last 18 months, the DNA Behavior product, technology, and training teams have been preparing a new platform that will serve as the new home for the DNA Community. This new home will serve as the new place where discoveries are completed, and DNA insights are accessed. We are now running two systems side by side, the Version 1 platform (V1) hosted on dnabehavior.biz and a new platform, Version 2 (V2), hosted on app.dnabehavior.com. This article is a step-by-step guide to help you prepare for this transition from the V1 to the V2 platform.

Get Ready for the DNA Web App video:

Phased Approach for Migration:

We will be migrating customers in a 2 phase process. If you only have Natural Behavior data or wish for your Natural Behavior data to be migrated to the V2 System, you are a candidate for the Phase 1 migration. If you wish for your Communication DNA data to be migrated to the V2 system, you will need to wait for Phase 2 (approximately July 2023).

  1. Natural Behavior Only
  2. Natural Behavior + Communication DNA

To whom this impacts:

All customers of DNA Behavior and participants that have completed a discovery Powered by DNA Behavior prior to February 2023 or set up a subscription account prior to February 2023.

What is being upgraded:

The entire technology infrastructure that powers DNA Behavior has received significant security, scalability, and usability upgrades. This new scalability allows us to score over 4,000 behavioral insights for each Natural Behavior completion. Given the number of changes and the new data that our system must house, all of the participant and account data must be moved into a new cloud-hosting environment and new databases.

When it's happening:

To take advantage of these upgrades, your groups and subgroups, as well as your participants, must be moved to a new database. After the migration, you and your participants will access insights from new and improved dashboards hosted on different website URLs. The DNA Behavior team will migrate your account for you. We will use the rules documented below in the "Data Migration" section.

How this affects you:

  • You will log into the system with a new URL to view your employee and client DNA insights:
  • Your participants will access new screens (and URLs)
    • Investor Participants (Financial DNA): https://discovery.dnabehavior.com/investor
    • Talent Participants (Business DNA): https://discovery.dnabehavior.com/talent
    • Once your firm has been migrated to the Version 2 platform, there is no going back, you will no longer be able to log into Version 1.
    • You will access new screens
    • You will have access to new features
    • Your participants will access new screens (and URLs)
    • You will need to change your password
    • Your participants will need to change their passwords
    • Your self-registration links will need to change:

Available here after migration: https://app.dnabehavior.com/settings/self-registration

What you need to do:

In order to facilitate a smooth transition during our ongoing migration process, we would like to provide you with important instructions to ensure the continuity of your data and user profiles. By following these guidelines, you can avoid any potential inconveniences and ensure a successful migration. Please read the following information carefully:

  1. Refrain from using the Self-Registration Link:
    During the migration period, it is crucial that you refrain from using the self-registration link. This temporary suspension is necessary to facilitate the seamless transfer of data and user profiles to your new Admin2 account. Profiles completed during this migration period will not be visible in the Admin2 account. As a result, you will need to request your clients to redo the discovery process. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this phase.

    Once the migration process is complete, the old self-registration link(s) will be permanently turned off. This step is essential to maintain data integrity and ensure that all new registrations are accurately captured in the upgraded system. We will promptly inform you when the migration process concludes. Following this, please start using the new Self-Registration link/s from your Admin2 account.
  2. Exporting Data Before Migration:
    To safeguard your data, we strongly recommend exporting all necessary information prior to the migration date. This proactive measure will enable you to retain a copy of your data for record-keeping and future reference. If you require guidance on exporting your data or have any questions regarding the process, our support team is available to assist you. Please reach out to them for any assistance you may need.
  3. Migration Sign-Off Form:
    As part of the migration process, we kindly request your cooperation in signing the migration sign-off form. This form serves as an acknowledgment that you have reviewed and approved the migration of your data to the new system. By signing the form, you contribute to a successful transition and ensure that all your requirements are met. Your prompt signature will greatly assist in completing the migration process smoothly.

    We understand that the migration process may require some adjustments on your end. However, we assure you that these changes are aimed at enhancing your experience and providing a more efficient platform. By adhering to the instructions outlined above, you will help us ensure a seamless transition while preserving your valuable data.

Data migration:

Our team is on hand is help migrate your account from one platform to another. Below are the rules we will follow for the data migration.

Version 1 Admin System Feature

Migration Status

Version 2 Web App Feature

Migration Notes








Participants will be auto-assigned tags based on their previous subgroup

Client and employee's names and email addresses


Client and employee's names and email addresses


Discovery Data




Completed Natural Behavior Insights


Completed Natural Behavior Insights

Data migrated based on this policy

Incomplete Natural Behavior

Not migrated



Completed Communication DNA

Migrated in Phase 2 only

Communication insights

Not all CDNA data is migrated. If you wish to save all the data, export the reports out of V1.

Incomplete Communication DNA

Not migrated



PDF Reports




Individual Natural Behavior Reports

Migrated and stored in Archives

Legacy Reports

These are stored for you as an archive and available on the migrated user's page.

Comparison Natural Behavior Report Archives

Not migrated

Use the new V2 Comparison feature

There is a new comparison dashboard and report builder that is dynamic and included

Team (and Summary) Natural Behavior Report Archives

Not migrated

Use the new V2 Team/Group/Family feature

There is a new multi-person report builder that is dynamic and included

Communication DNA PDF Reports

Not migrated

Communication card

If you wish to store your client's completed Communication DNA Reports, save them to your systems prior to migrating.

Quality Life Performance

Not migrated

New Offline Quality Life tools are available through the Implementation Lab.

If you wish to store your client's completed Quality Life Reports, save them to your systems prior to migrating.

Quality Life Discovery

Not migrated

New Offline Quality Life tools are available through the Implementation Lab.

If you wish to store your client's completed Quality Life Reports, save them to your systems prior to migrating.

Leadership 360 Discovery

Not migrated

New partner 360 and offline 360s are available.

If you wish to store your client's completed 360s, save them to your systems prior to migrating.

What if I have old clients who were never assigned an email address in the V1 system?

Very old records only contain usernames. In our new system, everyone is required to have an email address. Therefore, upon migration, we have assigned these users a username in the form of an email address. Their assigned email address will follow the format: First.Last@DNAV1User.com, where "First" represents their first name and "Last" represents their last name. 

Account Management for Inactive Subscriptions:

Here at DNA Behavior, we know how crucial it is to keep your data safe and accessible, even if your account has been inactive. Our policy explains what happens when someone's subscription has been inactive for over three years. According to our Record Information Management (RIM) schedule, we move participant data to make sure they can still get to it.

Once an account has been inactive for three years, DNA Behavior takes over the responsibility of managing the participant records, rather than the account holder due to privacy standards to protect user data.

Treatment of Uncommon Cases:

In some cases, we may encounter unique circumstances during the migration process. Here's how we handle these situations:

  • Unsupported Characters in Email IDs: If your email ID contains unsupported characters, these characters will be removed during the migration process to ensure data integrity and compatibility.
  • Foreign or Unknown Characters in Names and Email IDs: Names and email IDs that contain foreign or unknown characters will be converted to the English alphabet, ensuring consistency and ease of access.
  • T-Scores without Question/Answer Data: For participants whose records were generated prior to 2012 and do not have associated question/answer data but have T-scores, we will migrate their records with T-scores only. This helps maintain a comprehensive view of their assessment history.
  • Incomplete T-Score Data in V1: In extremely uncommon cases where participants have incomplete T-score data in V1, these individuals will be omitted from migration. This decision is made to ensure data accuracy and reliability.

If you have any questions or require further clarification about our account migration policy, please don't hesitate to contact our support team. Your data is important to us, and we are here to assist you every step of the way.


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