Get Risk Allocation

A summary of the Get Risk Allocation API operation available in the DNA API.

This API operation supplies the ­­Risk Allocation for a participant based on their Natural Behavior results. The values listed at the values on a 0-100 population percentage for risk. Higher values indicate stronger risk-takers.

We cover risk behaviors expensively in our knowledge base. For an in-depth review of these insights, visit our Knowledge Base

What's included in the Get Risk Allocation API Operation: 

  • Risk Behavior Score
  • Risk Group
  • Portfolio Structure

Sample Response: 

"personID": "2a4c1319-1264-4760-9baf-71b76c49c358",
"creditID": 20,
"riskScore": 46,
"riskGroup": 4,
"portfolioStructure": "Balanced"


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