Get BDNA 5-Scores

This API operation supplies the Get BDNA 5-Scores for a participant based on their Natural Behavior results. The values listed at the values on a 0-100 population percentage for a given insight. Higher values indicate stronger behaviors.

The Business DNA 5 Scores represent different aspects of how a person behaves in the workplace. For example, the first insight is Results vs Relationships, with the two words being opposites, meaning that no one person can have both qualities.

To determine which insight represents the user, examine the label in the payload. The label dynamically changes to represent which insight the client matches. 

To provide more information about each label, the words underneath each label will dynamically list a description of the person.

The following chart lists the insights you'll see throughout the rest of the API that are closely correlated to each of the scores inside the chart.

Insight Other Correlated Insights:
Results vs. Relationship Results and Relationship Insight scores in the Workplace Insights Card
Daring vs. Careful  Risk Behavior
Abstract vs. Concrete Creativity Factor T-score
Systematic vs. Flexible Structured Factor T-score
Promoting vs. Considered Blended insight custom for this chart

Wanting a little bit more detail? Check out the Business DNA quick start guide.

Sample Response:

"personID": "2a4c1319-1264-4760-9baf-71b76c49c358",
"creditID": 20,
"languageID": 22,
"resultsVsRelationships": {
"value": 97,
"description": "Results focused and rationally takes quick action",
"label": "Results"
"daringVsCareful": {
"value": 54,
"description": "Some spirit of adventure but not a high risk taker",
"label": "Careful"
"abstractVsConcrete": {
"value": 54,
"description": "Uses a mixture of imaginative and practical ideas to solve problems and initiate change",
"label": "Abstract"
"systematicVsFlexible": {
"value": 73,
"description": "Structured work approach with high reliability",
"label": "Systematic"
"promotingVsOperating": {
"value": 63,
"description": "Engaging and relational with others but also enjoys operating alone",
"label": "Promoting"


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