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Work Talent Report Facilitation

Applies to:

This article applies to users of the Work Talent Report

 Common Causes/Issues:

 How do I use the Work Talent report with clients or employees?

What do the scores mean on the Work Talent report?

Solution Overview:

The Work Talent report provides a one-page view that helps people understand their natural behavior style, top two behavioral traits, and some ways those traits show up as work talents.

There are several areas on the work talent report and the quickstart guide describes each of them.


The QuickStart guide describes the components of the work talent report:

  • Static text area that gives a description of the report and why it is useful, this text is the same on all reports.
  • A graphic that highlights the unique behavioral style of the client. You can learn more about the style in the description at the top of the report
  • Client’s name, unique style, and style description
  • Client’s top 2 behavioral traits
  • Keys for working with the client
  • Description of work talent with a graph showing % population score for the strength of the talents.

For more information please see the Work Talents QuickStart Guide

Work Talent Quickstart Guide

Here is the link on how to generate a Work Talent report



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