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  1. Which DNA Unique Styles are typically entrepreneurs?
  2. What Natural DNA Behavior Factors are exhibited by entrepreneurs

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Based on a research study undertaken by DNA Behavior in 2017 of successful entrepreneurs who were the founder of a business, we found that the most prevalent unique style is the Initiator. The graphic below shows that 41% of the entrepreneurs in the research study were Initiators, with 18% being Influencers and 13% being Strategists.

Entrepreneurial Talents_chart

However, this is not to say that a person with another Unique DNA Style could not be an entrepreneur. There are successful entrepreneurs from all of the other styles, however, not as many. Entrepreneurial success requires many elements to come together including a leadership team the right product mix, market positioning, sales, funding and other elements.

Nevertheless, the key to understanding entrepreneurial talents at a deeper level is to know the person’s mix of the five key behavioral traits which our research study showed were important. The graphic below shows the required behavioral traits for an entrepreneur in order of importance. The strength of each behavioral trait can be traced back to the T Scores shown on the Factor and Subfactor report.

Entrepreneurial Talents_chart2

The No 1 trait for an entrepreneur is to be Resilient which comes from a high score on the Fast-Paced trait, which you will see as the third factor on the left side of the Factor and Subfactor report. The Initiators, Influencers, and Strategists usually have a high Fast-Paced trait score and are therefore naturally resilient.  

In addition, the Initiators, Influencers, and Strategists tend to be risk takers with a higher score on the Risk trait. They also have a high Work Ethic (Pioneering trait score) and usually have some level of External Charisma (combination of Take Charge and People trait scores). These unique styles are not necessarily high on the Creative trait, although there is a correlation of this score to the Take Charge trait. 

Generally, we would recommend that a person be high on resilience and also two of Risk, Creative, and Work Ethic in order to be an entrepreneur. If they do not have sufficient of these traits but have a visionary idea, then it becomes even more necessary to have a partner who complements their talent.  

In any case, we also recommend all entrepreneurs have an integrator to support them and build a strong team that is healthy. 

Money Energy for Entrepreneurs

Our Money Energy research conducted in 2022 shows that while the Initiators, Influencers, and Strategists are the primary entrepreneurial styles from a talent perspective, the Initiators and Strategists have the highest Financial Behavior Capability (FBC) and natural Financial EQ as reflected by the table below for the ten DNA Unique Styles. The Natural FBC reflects the population weighted scores of savings, wealth creation and risk.

The Influencers typically have a lower FBC level because they are higher spenders, and they are more emotional in decision-making as reflected by the Financial EQ score.

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