What is my Account ID and Account Name?

Each subscription is assigned an Account ID and Account Name. This article will clarify what these are, their importance, and how to retrieve them.

Account Name: This serves as a user-friendly label for your account, making it easily recognizable within our application. The account name also appears in the self-registration links you share.

Account ID: Think of this as a unique digital fingerprint for your account; it sets your organization apart and ensures precise identification.

Why Are They Important?

  1. Uniqueness: Both your Account Name and Account ID must be unique within our app to eliminate any confusion.

  2. Authentication: Our support team may request your Account ID to verify your identity as an admin, enhancing the security of your data and operations.

  3. Clarity: Account Names simplify navigation and management, providing a clear identifier for your organization.

Accessing Your Account Information

Here's how to find your Account ID and Account Name:

  1. Log into the DNA Web App: Access the app using your credentials.

  2. Navigate to "Settings": Locate the "Settings" section within the main menu.

  3. Locate "Your Account": Inside the "Settings" section, find "Your Account," where your Account Name and Account ID are prominently displayed.

Understanding your Account ID and Account Name is pivotal for efficient organization management. They ensure uniqueness, security, and clarity, simplifying your experience within our platform and facilitating support when needed. The next time you require assistance or wish to make changes, having this information readily available will streamline the process.