Using Workplace Insights

This article applies to users of Business DNA wanting to use workplace insights with clients or a team.

Common Questions:  

How do I use workplace insights with clients? 

What do workplace insights mean? 


Workplace insights are derived from proprietary combinations of scores in natural behavior discovery.  These insights can be used to describe how team members tend to behave in workplace situations and their approach to certain activities. There are no good and bad scores here, these traits just describe natural preferences for behavior and do not account for learned behavior that team members may have adopted to be successful in a certain role or environment. 

The insights are described more in the table below: 


Lower Scores tend to be 

Higher scores tend to be 

Desire to Make Decisions 

Accepting, Agreeable,  Takes Direction, Underestimates Self, Relaxed 

Influencing, Sets the Direction, Confident 

Patiently Builds Long-Term Relationships 

Maybe Abrupt, Insensitive, Poor listener 

Patient, Caring, Inclusive, Harmonious 

Focus on Bottom Line Results 

Over Commits, Loses Focus, Needs boundaries 

Outcomes Focused, Price Sensitive, Task 

Sets Goals for Ambitious Plans 

Balanced Life, Cooperates, Steady 

Opportunistic, Ambitious Goals, Drive to Succeed 

Pursues Goals to Stay Focused on the Plan 

Changes Plans, Flexible, Wavers 

Committed, Stays to Plan, Focused 

Prepared to Focus on and Support Innovation 

Track Record, Existing Solutions, Realistic 

Comfortable with New Products and Solutions, New Ideas Focus 

Need for Information, Research and Analysis 

Fact sheets, Bullet points, High Level, Unprepared 

Investigative, Research, Analytical, Structured 

Ease to Communicate Directly and Candidly 

Diplomatic, Sensitive, Vague, Avoids Conflict 

Clear, Blunt, Confronting, Candid 

Confronts Difficult Issues in Conversations 

Finds Stressful, Becomes Emotional, Seeks to Avoid 

Unemotional, Cool, Tough 

Ability to Empathetically Listen 

Focused on Own Agenda, Misinterprets What is Said, Does not Understand the Problem 

Shows They Care, Demonstrates Understanding, Hears the Issues Clearly 

Quickly Makes Decisions With Confidence 

Procrastinates, Considered, Hesitates 

Fast Paced, Bold, Self-assured 

Independently Makes Decisions 

Collaborative, Team Approach, Delegates 

Operates Alone, Independent Thinker, Guarded 


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