Using Financial DNA with Clients

This article will provide information on a challenge advisors often face and how the Financial DNA system can help you overcome those challenges.

Applies to: Financial DNA package holders and insight users

Common Question: How does Financial DNA solve the Financial Planning Challenge?

Details on Using Financial DNA with Clients:

One big challenge that advisors face is the Intention Action Gap – the gap between our rational processing and goal setting and our human emotions that drive decision-making. Financial DNA helps you identify some of the clients' biases that may drive emotional decision-making around finances.

Financial DNA is quicker and 97.1% more reliable method to predict reactions to market and life events. With only 46 questions, Financial DNA can measure automatic behavioral biases, communications style, learning style, talents, risk tolerance, and leadership style.

The Financial DNA system allows advisors to navigate behavioral finance biases in guiding decisions using a know, engage and grow approach.

KNOW – Who is your client? Discover the client’s communication style goals, decision biases, and learned behavior.

ENGAGE – How do you manage the relationship with the client? Communicate on the client’s terms to increase emotional connection.

GROW – What solutions do you offer the client, and how? Behavioral management by re-framing information and navigating decision biases.


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