Understanding Quality Life Performance

This article applies to practitioners looking to go deeper with clients on how their natural behaviors feed into every area of life and help clients become intentional about living a Quality Life. 


Common Questions: 

What is Quality Life Performance? 

Can I do a Quality Life Performance Discovery with clients? 

Is the Quality Life Performance tool in the latest system? 

Solution Overview: 

This article walks through what Quality Life Performance is and how to access a tool to measure that performance with clients. 


Quality Life Performance was built as a tool to help clients dig into their actual performance in terms of building quality life.  The discovery has clients rate themselves on 80 items in 8 key areas on a 1 to 7 basis: 

  • Life Purpose 
  • Career 
  • Relationships 
  • Health & Recreation 
  • Community  
  • Finances 
  • Confidence 
  • Wisdom 

Ideally, participants would rate themselves a “7” on all 80 items, which would indicate a high level of life equilibrium across all life areas. Thereby, participants are able to see how balanced their performance in each of these key areas is and can then create a plan to continue or adapt what they are doing to achieve greater balance or growth in those areas.  

This tool is no longer incorporated into the DNA Behavior website application but can be accessed in the following ways:

  1. Online here at: Quality Life Performance Discovery
  2. An offline exercise using the Quality Life Performance Maunal Discovery Form included below. 

In addition, to assist your clients in building a Quality Life, please review the following booklets:

  1. The Quality Life Discovery Module outlining a program for helping clients to build a Quality Life
  2. The Quality Life Performance Whitepaper which addresses the science and processes behind building a Quality Life, including how it relates to financial life planning.
  3. Quality Life Performance Manual Discovery which is an offline exercise for discovering and measuring a person’s current level of Quality Life Performance.
  4. Quality Life Planning Discovery which is an offline exercise for discovering a person’s passions, vision, mission, values and life purpose.
  5. Quality Life Goals Discovery which is an offline exercise for discovering a person’s goals based on their time-based needs and wants.
  6. Quality Life Individual Exercises which can be used to facilitate a deeper life planning experience, including delving into decision-making, strengths and life confidence.

Quality Life Discovery Module

DBNA Quality Life Performance Whitepaper

FDNA Quality Life Discovery Processes

Quality Life Individual Exercises

If you are interested in getting access to the discovery, please contact us.

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