The Natural Behavior Discovery Process

This applies to Financial DNA and Business DNA users interested in learning more about the natural behavior discovery process. 

Common Questions:  

How do I answer client questions about the time to take discovery?

How do I answer client questions about the difficulty of the discovery?

Why is the discovery set up the way it is?

Solution Overview:

The DNA Discovery process is the starting point for identifying a business or financial personality's behavioral strengths, energy flows, biases, and risk-taking. DNA Discovery is not a personality assessment – personality includes dynamic components that change over time for people, such as passions, attitudes, relationships, beliefs, knowledge, emotional intelligence, and values.

Natural DNA Behavior is natural, instinctive, and “hard-wired.” DNA behavior is stable over time when measured using the Forced Choice Assessment model. Therefore, it is a reliable predictor of how a person consistently makes decisions throughout life with the least stress and their ‘go-to’ under pressure. Most other systems focus on dynamic components of behavior.

Video Walkthrough:

Note: This video was recorded using a prior version of the DNA system.  Screens and reports may look different in the current system. If you have questions about the screens/reports in this video please contact support.

Details on The Natural Behavior Discovery Process:

The DNA Natural behavior is consistent throughout their life. A Forced Choice Assessment Model measures this to a high degree of accuracy. Using forced choice increases the accuracy of the discovery because you are not ranking items against each other, and in certain situations, as many Likert scale (rating 1 – 5, Least – most) questionnaires have you do. While the initial tension of choosing between two options can seem a bit difficult to clients, the results are much more accurate. Because the questions are not situationally based, the results apply to the client across many environments and scenarios and are “good for life.” The discovery design is intentional and is meant to make clients uncomfortable in having to choose between similar options because that helps drive stress behaviors and the accuracy of the discovery. Our discovery has proven 97.1% accurate across the population.

The discovery takes approximately 10 minutes for most clients to complete. This investment of time pays off often in the accuracy and applicability of the results and insights obtained from the system. While some clients feel that 10 minutes is a long time for discovery, most clients will agree that personalized and relevant results are worth the short investment in time to get such precise and actionable insights. This length of discovery and the richness of the insights available upon completion make DNA Behavior stand out in the field of discoveries. We have found the most efficient route to questions that provide insights into all aspects of persons' financial and business behavior patterns in only 46 questions.


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