Getting started with Financial DNA.

Common Questions: 

How do I set myself up for success when getting started with Financial DNA?

Solution Overview:

In our experience of onboarding top advisors across the world, we have curated these five steps to successfully onboarding with Financial DNA. After completing the five steps in the START onboarding process, you can learn how to facilitate effective meetings with clients using the SMART meeting method.

The 5 step Start process:

Set up your admin system

Tailor your discovery invitation

Ask 5 friends/family members to take discovery

Review results with friends and family

Talk to our trainer to get additional questions answered

Details on START SMART:

The 5-Step START Process:

Set up your admin system by completing the setup process and uploading your logo for co-branding if that is included in your package.

If you purchased Financial DNA through an enterprise, your account might have come pre-configured- if so, skip this step. If you purchased it alone, you would need to apply your logo and a few basic settings to get started.

After signing up for a Financial DNA package, you will have the opportunity to customize your account by naming your Group and Co-branding the web screens and reports with your logo. If you did not get an opportunity to do this, contact our support team, and we can provide you with your customized onboarding link.

Tailor your Financial DNA discovery invitations

You may have completed your own Financial DNA as a trial of the platform, but if you have not, the best way to learn about Financial DNA is to try it yourself, just like an investor would. 

Once you have completed your discovery, now is the time to invite others. Below are some simple introductions to Financial DNA that others have used in the past- make it your own by tailoring these invitations to meet your needs.

Create your invitation with our sample text:

Hi [insert name],

I’m excited to introduce a great new financial DNA tool to my clients.  The process will help me have better conversations and provides clients with deep insights into how they make financial decisions.  As I learn the new system, I would like to invite you to complete this discovery and then have a conversation to share your experience.

The discovery is a questionnaire that takes only 10-minutes for you to complete and is best to do when you are free from distraction. You can get started with the link below. Do not overthink your responses; follow your first instinct and move quickly.

Thanks for your support; I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Financial DNA Link:
(Insert your Investor link – found on your Group Page, Note: it starts with

Looking to tailor your messages for clients? Explore more Financial DNA invite templates here.


Ask 5 friends and family members to complete the discovery.

The easiest way to learn how to use Financial DNA with clients is to invite 5 “friends and family” to complete their discoveries. Using Financial DNA will become intuitive for you to see how ‘real-life’ behaviors of people you know translate to the DNA Reports.

In the previous step, we provided a sample text for you to use for the invitation. After your friends and family have completed their DNA, practice having client conversations using their results. This will help you get comfortable leading Behaviorally SMART conversations.

Review results of friends and family to start to connect DNA insights with how people behave in real life.

Once you start to use Financial DNA with friends and family, you should have received completion alerts, including their results and links to learn more. Did the results surprise you?

Financial DNA groups people into 10 unique styles to easily segment investors and financial advisors. Explore the 10 unique styles below.

      Financial DNA Unique Styles Playlist

Talk to our trainer to get any questions answered as you start using DNA with your clients.

Each Financial DNA package includes one free coaching session. Our team will email you an invite for this call.

You will receive a one-on-one meeting with our coach in a coaching session. During this time, we will review the features in your package, answer your questions, and provide an opportunity for you to practice debriefing a client using our Behaviorally Smart Meeting approach.


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