Setting Up and Updating Deals on HubSpot

To add and update contact's Deal for potential sales opportunities.

1. Deal Setup:

▪ The Sales Team is mandated to create a Deal for all potential sales opportunities on HubSpot.

2. Effective Task Management:

▪ Sales Team members are required to set up Tasks within HubSpot for various activities such as scheduling call meetings, sending emails, and sharing essential documents like agreements, brochures, quotes, or invoices.

▪ Utilize HubSpot for these activities to meticulously track and analyze interactions. This helps in gauging client engagement, particularly whether emails are being opened or not.

3. Deal Information Update:

    ▪ Ensure all Deal information is regularly updated with the following essential details:

        o Deal’s Name

        o Associate Contact Owner and Organization

        o Amount

        o Deal Owner


By following these guidelines, the Sales Team aims to maintain accurate and up-to-date information within HubSpot, facilitating comprehensive tracking of sales activities and ensuring effective communication and engagement with potential clients.