Record New Leads

Adding leads on HubSpot

1. Add New Leads as Contacts on HubSpot: 

  • Ensure all new leads are recorded as contacts on HubSpot with the following essential information: 

 o Full Name 

 o Email address (preferably the most recent work email) 

 o Company Name 

 o Phone or mobile number 

 o Website link

  • Utilize the provided link for guidance on setting up Contacts on HubSpot

2. Assign the Right Contact Owner:

  • Confirm that the new contact is assigned to the appropriate contact owner

3. Update Life Cycle Stage:

  • Set the Life Cycle Stage as "Lead" for new contacts. Change to "Customer" if the contact signs up for a subscription 

4. Effective “Lead/Contact“ Management by Sales Team:

  • Proactively manage contacts by: 

           o Updating information when necessary 

           o Adding missing information 

           o Merging contacts when needed 

           o Deleting test or unqualified leads to maintain list accuracy and integrity

Add or Remove Contacts from a List

HubSpot's Default Contact Properties

Choose Your Workflow Actions

These guidelines aim to streamline the process of capturing and managing new leads on HubSpot, ensuring data accuracy and facilitating effective communication within the sales team.