Questions to Consider When Planning an Application

This article applies to people considering building a custom app or integrating DNA insights into an existing application.


Common Questions:

What should I consider when building an application?

Do I need a custom application?

Should I use the DNA API?


Solution Overview: 

It seems “there’s an app for that” everywhere these days. If you are exploring building an application for your company, here are a few questions to think about.


  1. Who is your app for?

Think of a clear picture of your user and what they need that your application to solve for them. The more clear you can be the easier it is to determine what your app will need to do to be useful to users.

  1. How is the problem your app will solve getting solved today?

Think about what your ideal users doing today to solve the problem that your application will solve. Plan what your application needs to have in order for them to give up the way they are solving the problem today.

  1. In addition to behavioral insights, what information will your application have for users?

DNA Behavior can offer powerful behavioral insights that can be useful in any number of areas. Your application will be different than anything you can get at DNA or anywhere else in the marketplace. Plan for what your users will be able to get, do or know that will be enhanced with behavioral insights.

  1. What is the minimum number of features I need to include to release a version to my users?

This is what we refer to as an MVP (minimum viable product). When you build out all the things that you would like to include in your application, find what are the most important and critical items so that you know what needs to be built first. It may not be behavioral insights. Perhaps you need to build out other things before you get started using the DNA API.

Additional Resources:

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