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This article applies to Financial DNA subscribers who are looking for ways to use Financial DNA insights with clients.

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How are advisors using DNA Behavior insights with clients?

Which insights are useful for Advisors and clients?



While the applications for DNA Behaviors insights are numerous and limited only by your imagination, there are a few key ways that successful advisors are using Financial DNA insights with clients.


Advisor Client Compatibility:

Trust is a key element in an advisor client relationship. You as an advisor need to be able to establish a connection with the client quickly and maintain their trust and relationship over the course of your engagement. Using Financial DNA insights, you can determine which clients you will be able to naturally connect with more quickly, confidently and with less effort as well as those that may require you to be more intentional in order to form a connection.

Adapting your behavior to relate to another person requires concentrating more on your level of self-awareness when you are with that person. For instance, if an introvert advisor is working with a highly extroverted client, this can be draining as more modification or “flexing” as we often call it, is required.

Using the DNA insights, you will know just how easily your style matches with a client or potential client and can shape your portfolio of clients to best match your style.


Advisor Client Communication:

What advisor client communication method do you use at your firm? Is it one-size-fits-all?

Each advisor on your staff and client you serve have preferred ways of communicating. Matching clients with the right team member to serve them is the first step to creating harmony. Next, your team will need to know how and when to communicate with your client base. Rest assured, there are DNA insights for that!

When having a critical conversation with a client, the setting, and the way the message is received will drive the mood of the discussion. DNA Insights uncover individual communication styles and how they interact

Using both market mood insights and client communication preferences Advisors can adapt to client needs.

For instance our insights indicate whether you need, a short phone call, a lengthy in-person meeting, or a quick email with bullet points.

Spending Patterns

Most advisors will agree that managing spending patterns, and not investments, is the key for most investors to achieve their financial goals. Traditionally, advisors have created financial plans without true insights into a client’s spending patterns, this changes with the DNA behavioral finance insights into an individual’s spending habits.

We have adopted the belief that it is the client’s complete financial personality (their “Financial DNA”) that is a significant driver of wealth creation, with a key piece being a client’s spending patterns.

Advisors can see natural spending behavior propensity and open powerful discussions with clients to account for these patterns in achieving overall goals.

Risk Behavior

Accurately determining a client’s risk behaviors is critical for long-term financial planning success and Finra Rule 2111 compliance. The Financial DNA reports provide a step-by-step approach to determining the risk behavior of clients, couples, and advisors.

Each individual that participates in Financial DNA are assigned a Risk Behavior number of 0 to 100. This score is based on a blend of a person’s Risk Propensity and Risk Tolerance, where higher scores are associated with higher risk takers. The scores are normally distributed with a mean of 50, and a standard distribution of 10.


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