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Partner Program Outline

A summary of the different types of Partner Programs available at DNA Behavior

Partners expand the reach of DNA Behavior by introducing new expertise, networks, and relationships to the DNAB ecosystem. Enrollment for a Partner occurs when all the Enrollment criteria is met for that program type.

Partner Program Types:

Explore the partnership types, programs, and benefits below. 


Affiliates expand the reach of DNA Behavior by referring DNA Behavior to new organizations on top of the Affiliate’s main business line. Affiliates must contribute meaningful selling engagement activities in support of the DNAB Sales Representative during the sales cycle. Meaningful selling engagement means that DNAB determines that the Partner either

1) participates in a substantial portion of the selling motion and in key co-selling activities that influence the deal to close, or

2) provides substantial influence through Customer executive engagement and advocacy


The Integrator Partner Program is designed for organizations that are inspired to lead the next phase of behavioral sciences innovation and help companies connect with their clients in entirely new ways by offering implementation, integration, and/or custom development related to the insights powered by DNA Behavior. DNAB offers our Integrator Partners robust resources, training, and tools, enabling them to develop expertise around specific business functions, product areas, and industries so they can best serve clients and differentiate their practices.

There are two types of referrals available to Integrators:

1) DNAB Sourced Integrator Referral, and

2) Affiliate Referrals.

Should an Affiliate refer a new business to DNAB, then the Affiliate referral policies and fees apply.

ISV Partnership Program: 

The ISV program is built for tech-enabled firms that want to add a human element to their current app or start a tech business from the ground up. Partners choose from up to 4,000 behavior and money insights to personalize their app's experience—access resources and a developer-friendly API to power solutions.

Please see more about our ISV Partner Program here.

If you would like to learn more about our Partner Programs, please request a copy of our Partner Program Agreement.


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