Onboarding Employees

This article applies to users of Business DNA looking to use insights for onboarding new employees quickly.


 Common Questions:

How can I use Business DNA Insights to improve my onboarding process?

How can I use Business DNA to get new team members productive more quickly?

Solution Overview:

This article addresses how to use DNA Performance Insights to improve your onboarding process.


Drive efficiency during the onboarding process by customizing the experience for each employee. With our behavioral insights included in the DNA API or Business DNA packages, you can quickly know how to present information to your new hire to get them up and running even faster, feeling more understood, and comfortable in the process. Use strengths, struggles and environment keys to set up an environment where team members will thrive and be able to come up to speed more quickly.

While you may have standard information to share with your new hires, how you share it will make a big difference in how they understand and put it to use. If you are using a one size fits all approach to onboarding employees, or haven’t given your hiring managers guidelines on how to help get new employees feeling confident and engaged quickly, Business DNA can help.

Once behaviors are uncovered, decisions can be made on how best to onboard stars and talent. If the business needs their skillset, work with the team to incorporate new talents in a way that is inclusive and gets people working together without a long learning curve of how to flex to be more effective on a team. You can do this by running a team report and having a meeting with the team and new members to talk about how you best work together.

Using hiring insights, you'll be able to match work talents to job role responsibilities and you will have a starting place for creating and environment and work rewards to help your new team member thrive.   Not all work rewards are about money.  Check out our hiring insights to find ways to reward employees in ways that speak the them.  Examples of work rewards include: 

  • Sense of achievement 
  • Opportunities to travel 
  • Career progression 
  • Leadership position 
  • Personal growth 


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