Money Energy Conversation Facilitation

This article is for advisors, leaders, coaches, consultants, and those responsible for having important and sensitive conversations about money.

By exploring this article and the related booklets, readers can gain valuable insights and arm themselves with the knowledge needed to make more informed, consistent, and successful approaches to the way in which they approach difficult conversations, such as money, through the use of DNA Behavior Solutions.  

Common Questions:  

  1. How can I have more effective money conversations with my clients, partner, family and employees? 
  2. What steps can be taken to create a supportive and non-judgmental space for individuals to discuss their financial beliefs, values, and goals? How can facilitators ensure that participants feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and experiences? 
  3. Can you provide examples of effective communication skills that can be utilized during money energy conversations? How do these skills contribute to facilitating meaningful discussions? 
  4. How does active listening play a role in guiding individuals through introspective discussions about money? What techniques or approaches can facilitators use to listen and understand participants' perspectives actively? 
  5. How can facilitators navigate potentially sensitive or taboo money-related subjects during these conversations? What strategies can address discomfort and create a safe space for open dialogue? 
  6. Are there any specific challenges or obstacles facilitators might encounter when engaging in money energy conversations? How can these challenges be addressed effectively? 
  7. How do money energy conversations contribute to individuals' decision-making processes? Can you explain how these conversations can provide valuable advice and guidance when making important financial decisions?

Solution Overview: 

We aim to inspire you to have meaningful conversations with clients, partners, family members and employees to help them understand the energy of money.  

Doing so will empower you to work confidently with the people you interact with 

to make wise, high-stakes decisions, accelerate performance, and build enhanced relationships based on identity and money clarity. Additionally, you can open up sensitive conversations to help them live a Quality Life by integrating purpose, career, finances, health, recreation, relationships, and community. This integration will improve happiness, success, and health by reducing anxiety and stress. 

Money Energy Conversations Facilitation: 

Facilitating money energy conversations does not involve addressing money itself and the meaning of money to a person involves creating a supportive and non-judgmental space for individuals to explore their financial beliefs, values, and goals. It requires effective communication skills, active listening, and empathy to guide individuals through introspective discussions. Additionally, facilitating these conversations involves providing tools and exercises that encourage reflection, self-awareness, and personal growth. By engaging in open and honest conversations about money, individuals can gain clarity, deepen their understanding of their financial dynamics, and develop strategies to align their actions with their desired financial outcomes. Knowing how to have this conversation safely not only directs light into a closed subject but also lifts the taboo and, much more importantly, opens the way for money-energy conversations when you might need advice when making key decisions. 

Please review the following documents to learn more about facilitating Money Energy Conversations:

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  2. DNA Money Energy Conversations Workbook: Part 1 and Part 2 (please contact DNA Behavior to request the Workbook)
  3. DNA Money Energy Conversations Curriculum 
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