Minimum System Requirements

Device requirements in order to use the DNA Behavior App.


Applies to: Users of the DNA Behavior App

A supported web browser and settings on your computer are required for the full functionality of DNA’s app features. On touch devices such as tablets or phones, the use of fully-supported iOS or Android apps is required.

Device and Browser Settings:

•    Cookies enabled
•    Pop-ups enabled
•    PDF viewer

Windows-supported browsers

•    Google Chrome (latest version)
•    Mozilla Firefox (latest version)
•    Microsoft Edge (latest version)

Mac-supported browsers

•    Google Chrome (latest version)
•    Safari (latest version)
•    Mozilla Firefox (latest version)

Update your web browsers

It is best practice to keep your web browsers updated to the latest version to ensure that websites render properly. To update a supported browser, refer to their documentation:

Google Chrome -
Mozilla Firefox:  

Apple Safari:

Updates for Safari:
 Microsoft Edge:
Update Google Chrome: