Migrating from Communication DNA to the All-new DNA Web App

The All-new DNA Web App now offers a migration path for individuals who previously completed Communication DNA assessments. Predicted results are seamlessly integrated, learn more.

Our research team has developed an innovative method to correlate Communication DNA records with Natural Behavior in the All-new DNA Web App. This advancement allows individuals who have previously completed Communication DNA assessments to experience the full power of the DNA Web App by incorporating their predicted results into the Natural Behavior framework. In this help article, we will provide you with important details about this migration path and how it enables a comprehensive behavioral analysis.

How the data will be migrated:
During the migration process to Version 2, participant data will be transferred on a per username basis. Our team will analyze which discoveries are available for a given participant.

  • If a participant has completed only the Communication DNA discovery, their record, will be migrated to the Version 2 system with the process outlined in this article.
  • However, if a participant has completed both the Communication DNA and Natural Behavior discoveries, our team will only migrate the Natural Behavior record. In this case, only the Natural Behavior data, along with any associated details, will be transferred to the Version 2 system. This ensures that the most comprehensive and up-to-date information is carried forward for each participant during the migration process.

Correlation of Communication DNA and Natural Behavior:
With our new system, the focus of the DNA Web App has shifted towards Natural Behavior, as it provides a more refined and comprehensive understanding of individual behavior. To ensure that individuals who have completed only Communication DNA assessments can benefit from the Natural Behavior results, our research team has successfully developed a correlation between Communication DNA and Natural Behavior. This correlation enables the integration of predicted results based on the individual's Communication DNA assessment.

Unique Style Correlation:
The below table highlights the correlation of Communication DNA unique styles to Natural Behavior unique styles. 

CDNA Primary, Secondary: Natural Behavior:
Adaptive Adapter
Goal Setting Initiator
Goal Setting, Information Strategist
Goal Setting, Lifestyle Influencer
Goal Setting, Stability Facilitator
Information Reflective Thinker
Information, Goal Setting Strategist
Information, Lifestyle Stylish Thinker
Information, Stability Reflective Thinker
Lifestyle Engager
Lifestyle, Goal Setting Influencer
Lifestyle, Information Stylish Thinker
Lifestyle, Stability Community Builder
Stability Relationship Builder
Stability, Goal Setting Facilitator
Stability, Information Reflective Thinker
Stability, Lifestyle Community Builder

Score Prediction:
Our research team has utilized the power of deep learning to analyze the answer patterns and results of Communication DNA respondents. By leveraging this advanced technology, we have successfully correlated these findings with Natural Behavior results, enabling us to predict the Factor, Subfactor, and Insight scores for individuals who have completed Communication DNA assessments. This breakthrough approach allows us to provide a comprehensive behavioral analysis, empowering users to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions based on their predicted scores in the All-new DNA Web App.

Migration Path for Communication DNA Users:
The All-new DNA Web App offers a seamless migration path for individuals who have completed Communication DNA assessments. By leveraging deep learning and advanced prediction algorithms, we have created a process to generate predicted results for individuals who have not yet completed Natural Behavior assessments. These predicted results are then integrated into the Natural Behavior framework, providing users with a comprehensive behavioral analysis.

Experiencing the Full Power of the DNA Web App:
Through the migration path, individuals who have only completed Communication DNA assessments can now unlock the full potential of the DNA Web App. By incorporating their predicted results into the Natural Behavior framework, users gain access to a more detailed and accurate understanding of their behavioral traits and preferences. This enhanced analysis empowers individuals to make more informed decisions, both personally and professionally, by leveraging the comprehensive insights provided by the DNA Web App.

Seamless Integration and User Experience:
Our team has meticulously built the migration path to ensure a seamless integration of predicted results and a smooth user experience. When individuals access the All-new DNA Web App, their Communication DNA records are automatically correlated with Natural Behavior, and the predicted results are seamlessly incorporated into their behavioral profile. This integration is designed to minimize any disruption or confusion for users and provide them with a cohesive and meaningful analysis of their behavior. When you access an account with predicted results, you will see a pop-up message letting you know that this individual has completed Communication DNA, and not the full Natural Behavior assessment. 

We are committed to continuously enhancing the DNA Web App and providing our users with valuable insights and accurate predictions. If you have any questions or require assistance with the migration process, our support team is available to help you every step of the way.

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