Leader and Employee Selection

This article applies to users of Business DNA looking to use insights for matching behaviors to role requirements.

Common Questions:

How can I use Business DNA Insights to improve candidate selection on my team?

How can I use Business DNA to avoid hiring a clone of myself?

Solution Overview:

This article addresses how to use DNA Performance Insights to improve role alignment on your team.


Just like the adage, “birds of a feather flock together,” or people of the same traits will connect more easily, leaders will connect with employees who are like themselves. As a leader, it’s important not to allow this natural connection to overshadow your hiring decisions. This can be achieved by leveraging behavior in your leader and employee selection processes.

While you have a set of unique strengths, you also have your own set of struggles. Repeating “copies” of yourself throughout the organization will lead to dysfunction.

Behavioral Insights to Create Deep Connections:

Firms around the world leverage Business DNA insights to measure behavioral insights and help leaders create deep connections with all employees and build behaviorally diverse teams to ensure that there is a balance of behavioral styles necessary to perform job functions. Leaders and teams that review natural behaviors are more likely to match the right people to the right role. Reviewing DNA reports gives you data on matching candidates to roles that match their strengths.

Leader & Employee Compatibility:

Business DNA provides practical insights for individuals to understand which employees they have significant behavioral differences with, and hence require more behavioral modification.

Adapting your behavior to relate to another person requires concentrating more conscious self-awareness when you are with that person. For instance, if an introverted leader is working with a highly extroverted employee, this can be draining as more modification, or “flexing” as we often call it, is required.

We provide you keys to strengths, struggles, and communication/environment keys to get the best from your people. Like a “user manual” for getting the best from your employee, reviewing this data together helps you know how to interact for the best results. These insights are included in most DNA packages.

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