Implementing DNA Solutions

This article applies to users of natural behavior discoveries who want to go deeper in their use of natural behavior with clients or colleagues.

Common Questions:  

What are the best practices for implementing DNA Solutions? 

Where can I get help using DNA insights? 

What if I want to hire DNA to do debrief for me?

Solution Overview: 

This article will provide ways to get more information on DNA Natural Behavior insights and how to get customized support in implementing a DNA solution. 


There are several ways to get additional information about implementing DNA solutions. 

We have three paths you can take as you implement your own solution using DNA insights. 

  1. Do it yourself (DIY) – With this knowledge base, you can get your questions answered and develop a plan using DNA insights with clients, co-workers, and teams.  You can start with our Getting Started series and continue with more advanced searches into our insights by asking your own questions and searching insights you are curious to know more about. 

We have had many successful coaches use the Do It Yourself approach to work with clients and build a successful business by getting familiar with the insights and incorporating them into existing programs they have developed. 


2. Done with you – We are happy to customize a solution for you where we work with you to implement a solution using DNA insights. Here we can create a statement of work to come in beside you, facilitate discussions about insights, and help you develop a plan for using insights in your organization in the future.   


We also work with companies to help them benchmark and screen applicants for new roles in the organization, helping them craft interview strategies, what to look out for, and how to adjust to set new employees up for success.  We also provide “train the trainer” services for larger organizations to start with our help and transition to more do-it-yourself models. 


3. Done for you – here, we can customize a program where we come in and do the work for you, create an agenda, and facilitate a session for you and your team.  We can do a light team awareness session or put together a more comprehensive program to help you solve the challenges you are struggling with in your organization. 

We work with teams looking for a team-building activity to provide a session where we facilitate using the insights and how to use them going forward.  When teams are interested in diving deeper into particular issues or problems, we work with the whole team and individuals to solve challenges due to behavioral differences or misunderstandings. 


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