How do I change my account subscription?

Learn how to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your DNA subscription.

How to upgrade your account subscription

Option 1: Configuring User Seats in your Account

In the DNA Web App, there are two types of administrative roles: Account Admins and Staff Admins.

  • Account Admins hold the primary administrative authority. They have the capability to log in on behalf of your company and exercise full control over the account, encompassing a wide range of functionalities from setting defaults, configuring participant experiences and managing user roles. For every additional Account Admin added to your account, your company gains the ability to have an additional 100 participants complete a discovery within that year.
  • Staff Admins are designated for a more specific role. These admins are granted read-only access to the account, allowing them to view but not alter account information. Additionally, Staff Admins have access to Gene AI, a feature that provides valuable insights and analytics.

To add new administrators your current plan, you can easily do this through our online portal. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. First, you will need to change your subscription
    1. First, open the billing portal. To do this, select: Settings > Subscriptions > Manage Subscription > (a new tab will open)
    2. On the new tab, select "Configure add-ons"
    3. Allocate the correct number of Users and Staff users you need for your account
    4. Select "Preview Changes"
    5. On the next screen select "Save Changes"

Option 2: Changing Your Plan Type or Making Modifications to your Subscriptions

Changes to your plan can encompass a variety of modifications, tailored to your evolving needs. These changes can include upgrades or downgrades to the plan you're currently subscribed to, depending on your requirements. Additionally, you have the flexibility to switch billing schemes to better suit your financial planning - this includes changing from a monthly to an annual billing cycle, or vice versa.

To initiate any of these changes, we request that you log a support ticket through your account.

In order for our team to modify your account, we require the following information:

Once you submit your request, our dedicated team will promptly assist you in configuring your account to match your specified needs.

How to downgrade your account subscription

Downgrading your account can be managed by your account administrator by following the steps below. To begin this process, please follow the steps below. The account administrator will receive an email regarding the request.

Please submit a case with information on:

  • Your Account Name and Account ID (you can find this on the Settings > Your Account page)
  • The subscription plan you currently have
  • The subscription plan you wish to change to

Our team will process this request and migrate any user seats you currently have allotted in your account to the new plan.

How to cancel your account subscription

To ensure the cancellation of your DNA account is addressed promptly, please have the account administrator follow the steps below specific to your account type. The account administrator will receive a confirmation email once the cancellation has been processed.

Please submit a case with information on:

  • Your Account Name and Account ID (you can find this on the Settings > Your Account page)
  • The subscription plan you wish to cancel


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