Historical Foundations of the DNA Behavior Discovery Process

This article applies to anyone interested in learning more about the historical basis for the discoveries in behavior and personality that culminated in the DNA Natural Behavior Discovery process and insights. 


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What is the history behind behavior and personality science?

What are the historical roots of the DNA Natural Behavior Discovery?

What are the influences on the origin of the DNA Natural Behavior Discovery?

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This article provides details on the historical origins of behavior and personality science and the evolution of human behavior measurement.


Almost since the beginning of time people have looked to define human behavior by grouping personalities into different types.

Personality assessments have been developed over the past several centuries which categorize the ‘mask’ (personality: derived from the Greek word persona, or mask) presented by a person to the world at a particular time in their life or circumstance. However, what few assessments do is to accurately reveal inherent behaviors (including thoughts and feelings) representing the core behavior of who a person is throughout their lifetime. Put another way, a person’s natural instinctive DNA behaviors which are hard-wired in to the brain based on genetics and their very early experiences in the first 3 years of life.

Research shows the neural pathways in the brain become substantially set by the time a person is 3 years old, and this is when their natural instinctive style is set. Of course, a person’s behavior in particular circumstances may change or be adapted based on experiences, education, values and circumstances. However, such temporary behavioral shifts will be based on situational modification and are not hard-wired.

The primary objective in developing the DNA Behavior Discovery Processes was to make identifying a person’s natural instinctive DNA behavior the critical first step in identifying the core of who they are in terms of behavioral and communication style, how they make life, financial and business decisions and their talents for sustainable life time performance. In addition, DNA Behavior had the desire to build systems powered with reliable “Swiss Watch” predictability and user-friendly “Smart Watch” functionality in terms of how behavioral insights are used on a real-time and scalable basis in all areas of day to day life, financial planning and business activities.

Read about the history and chronology of human behavior measurement here:

Historical Foundation of the DNA Behavior Discovery Process 


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