Guidelines on Sending a Quotation

Objective: To standardize and ensure accuracy in the quotation process, maintaining transparency and clarity for clients.

1. Joint Evaluation Form (JE) Completion:

▪ For retail clients, the sales team is responsible for filling out a Joint Evaluation Form (JE) based on the recommended subscription amount after a thorough assessment. The JE should include detailed information justifying the quoted amount.

2. Client Communication:

▪ Share the completed JE with the client for their review and approval. Use secure and traceable communication channels to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive financial information.

3. Document Upload to Client's Folder:

▪ Upon approval of the JE, the sales team should upload the finalized and approved document to the client's designated folder in a secure document management system, such as Box. This ensures organized and accessible records.

4. Invoice Creation:

 ▪ The Accounting Department is responsible for creating an official invoice based on the approved JE. Ensure that the invoice accurately reflects the quoted amount and includes all relevant details.

5. Invoice Sending and Processing:

▪Send the invoice to the client promptly through secure channels. Include clear payment instructions and terms. This step initiates the official payment process.

6. Payment Confirmation:

▪ Once the client processes the payment, the Accounting Department should promptly confirm the payment receipt. This confirmation may be sent directly to the client or communicated through the sales team.

7. Documented Payment Processing:

▪ Maintain a comprehensive record of the entire quotation and payment process. Document the JE, approved quotation, and payment confirmation in a centralized system, ensuring easy access for auditing purposes.

8. Post-Quotation Follow-Up:

▪ Conduct a follow-up with the client after payment to ensure satisfaction and address any queries promptly. Use this opportunity to build rapport and discuss future engagements.


By following these universally accepted practices, the quotation process becomes transparent, efficient, and conducive to building trustful client relationships.