Getting to the Core of Human Behavior

This article applies to people interested in understanding how people are behaviorally wired and how DNA Behavior Solutions since 2001 has uncovered the secret and built an App making this insight available to all.

Common Questions:  

  1. What drives people to take certain actions and make certain decisions?
  2. How accurate are the DNA Behavior findings in understanding the core of human behavior?
  3. Does money play a role in our behavior? 

Solution Overview: 

People are unpredictable. Without understanding what drives their decisions, their life can be chaotic.  DNA Behavior Solutions reliably and accurately gets to the core of who they are. This article explores the road to creating DNA Behavior Solutions and demonstrates its effective use in uncovering core behavior.  Our research with test and re-test procedures has shown that a person's natural DNA (default) behavior continuously repeats itself throughout a person's life. This behavior is programmed into a person from birth to around the age of 3 years. It often sits below the surface and is not seen because learned behaviors mask it. 

Coaching or Advising Using Core Behavior Insight.  

Coaching or advising individuals on core behavior, whether as part of coaching, mentoring, leading, or money, requires a profound understanding of the intricate relationship between behavior and money. Recognizing money's profound influence on all aspects of life is crucial.  

Integrating behavior and money is pivotal in coaching and advising individuals on their life journeys. DNA Behavior Solutions provide coaches and advisors with a scientifically validated process to unravel the complexities of human behavior, enabling them to offer accurate and practical guidance.  

With a focus on client experience management, financial personality management, and human capital management, DNA Behavior Solutions empower professionals to engage effectively and confidently in navigating the world of core behavior and money energy. DNA Behavior Solutions' comprehensive suite of tools fosters a deeper understanding of human behavior, making them invaluable for coaches and advisors worldwide. 

Coaches and advisors can ensure accurate and practical outcomes by utilizing a scientifically validated process that delves into the core of human behavior.  

Understanding the Nexus of Behavior and Money 

Money permeates our lives, impacting our decisions, relationships, and overall well-being. Coaches and advisors recognize the need to comprehend the underlying factors that influence how individuals utilize and interact with money. By gaining insight into these dynamics, they can provide effective guidance and support to their clients. They can confidently navigate the complex landscape of financial behavior, resulting in practical and reliable outcomes. 

Delivering DNA Behavior Solutions 

DNA Behavior Solutions provides a comprehensive range of client experience management, financial personality management, and human capital management services. These solutions empower professionals to engage effectively with customers, colleagues, and others in their spheres of influence. By delivering instant insights to various "on-the-go" devices, individuals can remain well-prepared to navigate diverse scenarios confidently. 

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DNA Behavior Solutions enable businesses and advisors to establish a wealth of data, facilitating matching team behaviors to clients or customers. This corporate memory bank is valuable for identifying optimal solutions when navigating human differences. 

DNA Behavior Solutions encompass a full suite of the client or customer-centered human behavior solutions, covering various aspects such as communication and engagement, behavioral marketing, financial personality, human capital, family succession, philanthropy, sports, and personal life development. These solutions are accessible in real time through a unified technology platform, facilitating seamless integration and efficiency. 

One of the remarkable strengths of the DNA Behavior Solutions approach is its universal relevance. The insights derived from the natural behavior model are equally applicable to individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Whether in the United States, Australia, Canada, Europe, India, Asia, or South America, the DNA Behavior Solutions process offers valuable guidance and understanding, transcending geographical boundaries. 

For more information, please read the following booklet: Getting to the Core of Human Behavior