Get Unique Style And Description

A summary of the Get Unique Style And Description API operation available in the DNA API.

This API operation supplies the unique style and description assigned to a participant based on their Natural Behavior results. 

The 10 Unique Styles are:
Below are the 10 unique styles and a short description of each, which we have provided for your convenience. The actual payloads describing the styles will be different from the results below. 

  • Adapter – Compliant, Respectful, Courteous
  • Community Builder – Easy Going, Promoter, Understanding
  • Engager – Outgoing, Expressive, Talkative
  • Facilitator – Balanced, Discerning, Harmonious
  • Influencer- Ringleader, Assertive, Visionary
  • Initiator – Results Driven, Logical, Decisive
  • Reflective Thinker – Considered, Focused, Stable
  • Relationship Builder – Advocate, Dependable, Loyal
  • Strategist – Evolutionary, Visionary, Structured
  • Stylish Thinker - Sharp, Cutting edge, Precise

Sample Response:

"personID": "2a4c1319-1264-4760-9baf-71b76c49c358",
"creditID": 20,
"behaviorTypeID": 8,
"behaviorTypeName": "Strategist",
"behaviorTypeDescription": "Strategists naturally blend their strong drive to reach key goals with sound knowledge, high quality processes and quality control standards."

Unique Style Behavior Type ID:

Each unique style is assigned a Behavior Type ID, they are as follows:

BehaviorTypeID Unique Style Name
5 Adapter
6 Initiator
7 Influencer
8 Strategist
9 Engager
10 Stylish Thinker
11 Community Builder
12 Relationship Builder
13 Facilitator
14 Reflective Thinker







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