Get Performance Guide

A summary of the Get Performance Guide API operation available in the DNA API.

This API operation supplies the ­­Strengths, Struggles, and Performance Environment keys for a participant based on their Natural Behavior results. The values are provided in text strings and are connected to the top 2 strongest factors for a participant. 

We cover the performance guide results extensively in our knowledge base. To visit that article, click here. 

This endpoint is to retrieve the 13 DNA Insights (5 strengths, 3 struggles, 5 performance environment keys) for the designated language after an individual has completed the Natural Behavior discovery process. If successful, DNA will respond with the Performance Guide.

Sample Response: 

"personID": "2a4c1319-1264-4760-9baf-71b76c49c358",
"creditID": 20,
"languageID": 22,
"strengths": {
"strength1": {
"id": 97,
"description": "Thinks matters through"
"strength2": {
"id": 98,
"description": "Able to ask difficult questions"
"strength3": {
"id": 99,
"description": "Watchful of important tasks"
"strength4": {
"id": 81,
"description": "Favors logic over feelings"
"strength5": {
"id": 82,
"description": "Comfortable making difficult decisions"
"struggles": {
"struggle1": {
"id": 100,
"description": "May have difficulty letting matters go"
"struggle2": {
"id": 101,
"description": "May not be easily forgiving"
"struggle3": {
"id": 84,
"description": "May lack needed patience"
"environmentKeys": {
"environmentKey1": {
"id": 102,
"description": "Expect me to ask for the logic and key points"
"environmentKey2": {
"id": 103,
"description": "Remember my need to do analysis"
"environmentKey3": {
"id": 104,
"description": "Allow me time to think matters through"
"environmentKey4": {
"id": 86,
"description": "Anticipate my immediate responses and quick fixes"
"environmentKey5": {
"id": 87,
"description": "Speak/move at a quick pace"


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