Get FDNA 5-scores

A summary of the Get FDNA 5-scores API operation available in the DNA API.

The Financial DNA 5-scores highlight the positives for how a client approaches investing and financial decision-making. Each of the scores is based on population percentages. This means that if a client were placed in a room with 99 other people, these scores would show how their behavior compares to that of others in the room. Higher scores indicate stronger behavior in a given area.

Alongside each score is a description of the client's approach. Rest assured, all the combinations of scores that clients may receive will be described positively in terms of their financial personality. Below are the 5 scores and the behavioral description for each.

  • Risk Behavior: Comfort with taking higher risks (risk appetite)
  • Financial Relationship Management: Time and energy required for working with this client
  • Financial Planning Management: How financially organized a client is and if they are a saver or spender
  • Wealth Building Motivation: Ability to set and ambitiously pursue goals
  • Financial Emotional Intelligence: Able to effectively recognize and balance their impulses in not making decisions

Sample Response: 

"personID": "2a4c1319-1264-4760-9baf-71b76c49c358",
"creditID": 20,
"languageID": 22,
"riskBehavior": {
"value": 46,
"description": "Safely manages risks and able to see pitfalls"
"financialRelationshipManagement": {
"value": 8,
"description": "Prefers to maintain control of decisions and results driven"
"financialPlanningManagement": {
"value": 73,
"description": "Saver and follows budgets"
"wealthBuildingMotivation": {
"value": 93,
"description": "Pursues goals and is often ambitious"
"financialEmotionalIntelligence": {
"value": 93,
"description": "Likely to recognize and balance emotional impulses with logic"


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