Financial DNA Unlocking Guide

This article applies to Financial DNA users that are looking for a comprehensive guide for unlocking financial performance using DNA insights.

Common Question:

Is there a handout or guide I can download that describes the insights and how to use them? 

Solution Overview: 

This article links to a download of the Financial DNA Unlocking Financial Planning Performance Guide. 

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Welcome to the DNA Unlocking Financial Planning Performance Guide. The guide is primarily intended to provide you with a quick snapshot of how to interpret and then apply each of the 10 Financial DNA Natural Behavior Styles to behaviorally manage all of your clients. You'll find that the guide's unique insights will help you pinpoint the key attributes of each of the different styles and refresh your memory of the key points you need to communicate when facilitating clients through interpreting a report or working with others in your team. Keeping the guide close at hand for quick reference will help you to focus on your clients’ different behavioral styles and modify your own behavior to best meet their needs when they call, write, or attend a review meeting. We sincerely hope that this guide is helpful in making the Financial DNA experience more practical and that it will be a significant step towards helping you “Know, Engage, and Grow” all of your clients. 


Click the link below to access the guide. 

Unlocking Financial Planning Performance Guide


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