Financial Behaviors Client Onboarding

This article is for advisors, leaders, coaches, and consultants. By exploring these articles, advisors can gain valuable insight and knowledge to onboard new clients.


Common Questions:  

  1. Will the articles include the questions I need to explore their life plans? 
  2. Will I be the right behavioral fit to work with all clients? If not, what should I do? 
  3. What specific topics or areas should be addressed in each discovery meeting?  
  4. Should advisors offer any prerequisites or materials to clients to review before attending? 
  5. How long should each part of the client financial behavior review process take?  
  6. Should advisors give their DNA Behavior report to potential clients? 

Solution Overview: 

By integrating DNA Behavior Solutions into the onboarding process, financial mentors can unlock a deeper level of understanding about their clients, allowing for tailored strategies and enhanced collaboration. The insights gained through DNA Behavior assessments empower advisors to identify behavioral matches and effectively adapt their approach to serving their clients' needs. Through this proactive approach, financial mentors can establish long-lasting, successful relationships with their clients, maximizing the potential for achieving their financial goals and objectives. 

The New Approach To Onboarding Clients Using DNA Behavior Discovery Solutions: 

The Onboarding Process commences with an in-depth DNA Behavior assessment administered to the client. This assessment provides a comprehensive understanding of the client's behavioral makeup. It is a starting point for the advisor to tailor their approach and communication style accordingly. These insights allow the advisor to gain a holistic understanding of the client's behavior, enabling them to identify potential areas of alignment or divergence. 

Behavioral matching is a concept that emphasizes aligning the client's behavioral profile with that of their financial mentor. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of the client's behavioral profile, the advisor can adapt their communication style, educational approach, and investment recommendations to align with their client's preferences.  

DNA Behavior Solutions is not limited to the onboarding process alone. Advisors can continuously monitor and update their understanding of clients as they progress through their financial journey. This allows for proactive adjustments and fine-tuning to ensure the ongoing success of the client-advisor relationship. 

Financial DNA Client Onboarding Process

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