Engaging Clients with Financial DNA

This article applies to advisors looking for information on engaging clients with Financial DNA insights.

Common Causes/Issues:  

What questions should I ask new clients about their Financial DNA? 

How should I talk to clients about their financial DNA? 

Solution Overview: 

How to introduce clients to Financial DNA 

Ask clients the following questions: 

  • How do you wish to be communicated within the financial planning process? 
  • Are you interested in discovering the behavioral strengths and blind spots which influence your life and financial decisions?  
  • What does a Quality Life look like for you? 
  • Do you have the clarity to confidently choose between the many options in building your Quality Life? 
  • Do you have a road map for the next stage of your life journey? 
  • Do you have objective clarity of your level of risk tolerance for making investment portfolio choices? 

More Details on Talking with your clients: 

  • Explain your client-centered philosophy and process for discovering client desires, goals, and financial personality. 
  • Be personally open and vulnerable. As the “leader,” go first and share who you are  - share your Financial DNA Reports. 
  • Write a letter explaining the purpose of Financial DNA is to build a deeper relationship and create a more customized experience. 
  • Always give the client the option to complete the Financial DNA Discovery. If they do not want to complete the Financial DNA Discovery this will reveal a lot about trust and whether they will follow your processes.  
  • Remember that when the client asks you a financial question there is normally a life issue driving it. 

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