Engaging Clients with Financial DNA

This article applies to advisors looking for information on engaging clients with Financial DNA insights.

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What questions should I ask new clients about their Financial DNA? 

How should I talk to clients about their financial DNA? 

Solution Overview: 

To engage clients in Financial DNA, you can start by being personally open and vulnerable. Share your own Financial DNA reports to lead by example. You can also ask your clients questions such as:

Ask clients the following questions: 

  • How do you wish to be communicated within the financial planning process? 
  • Are you interested in discovering the behavioral strengths and blind spots that influence your life and financial decisions? 
  • Do you have a road map for the next stage of your life journey?
  • Do you have objective clarity of your level of risk tolerance for making investment portfolio choices?

It's also important to give clients the option to complete the Financial DNA Discovery and explain that it's about building a deeper relationship and creating a more customized experience. Remember that when the client asks a financial question, there is often a life issue driving it.


Sample email to invite clients to take a Financial DNA Discovery:

Subject: Uncover Your Financial DNA and Elevate Your Potential

Hi [insert client's name],

I’m thrilled to introduce you to an incredible opportunity to unlock your Financial DNA. This powerful process will not only enhance our conversations but will also provide you with profound insights into your decision-making style, empowering you to make more informed financial choices.

By completing this quick 10-minute discovery, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your financial behavior and communication style, which will lead to a more personalized and tailored experience. Your insights will serve as a compass, guiding you toward a life of unparalleled success, abundance, and authentic fulfillment.

Some benefits of taking the Financial DNA discovery include:

  • Gaining deep insights into your financial decision-making process
  • Understanding your natural behavior style and communication preferences
  • Enhancing our conversations and enabling a more customized experience
  • Uncovering your unique behavioral blueprint to thrive in all aspects of life

Seize this moment to gain a profound understanding of yourself and embark on a journey towards unparalleled success. Click the link below to get started: [Insert your Investor link – found on your Self Registration tab in Settings.

Your journey to financial empowerment begins here. I look forward to connecting with you soon to discuss your experience!

Warm regards, [Your Name]

More Details on Talking with your clients:

  • Explain your client-centered philosophy and process for discovering client desires, goals, and financial personality.
  • Be personally open and vulnerable. As the “leader,” go first and share who you are - share your Financial DNA Reports.
  • Write a letter explaining the purpose of Financial DNA is to build a deeper relationship and create a more customized experience.
  • Always give the client the option to complete the Financial DNA Discovery. If they do not want to complete the Financial DNA Discovery this will reveal a lot about trust and whether they will follow your processes.
  • Remember that when the client asks you a financial question there is normally a life issue driving it.
  • Ask GeneAI to help you in talking with clients, provide a description of the client, and ask the question you have and Gene AI will help. Click the icon on the bottom right of the web app to open Gene AI.

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