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This article applies to anyone curious about the 10 unique DNA styles scored by DNA Behavior. People looking for where to get more details for yourself or clients on what each unique style traits and characteristics. 

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New users to our system may not be familiar with the 10 Unique Styles from DNA Behavior. Clients needing a refresher on unique style can find it here. Many people have not measured their unique behavioral patterns and are curious to know more.

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There are trillions of combinations of scores for unique behavioral patterns. DNA Behavior measures your unique pattern, but since trillions of patterns are more than most brains can handle, we’ve grouped them into 10 groupings of behavior patterns to make them easier to understand and use. The 10 Unique styles are:


Adapter – Compliant, Respectful, Courteous

Community Builder – Easy Going, Promoter, Understanding

Engager – Outgoing, Expressive, Talkative

Facilitator – Balanced, Discerning, Harmonious

Influencer- Ringleader, Assertive, Visionary

Initiator – Results Driven, Logical, Decisive

Reflective Thinker – Considered, Focused, Stable

Relationship Builder – Advocate, Dependable, Loyal

Strategist – Evolutionary, Visionary, Structured

Stylish Thinker - Sharp, Cutting edge, Precise


There are no right or wrong styles. These styles help you put language around behavioral patterns and understand differences. When reviewing styles, it is essential to remember:

  • Measures normal “hard-wired” DNA behavioral traits (talents) only
  • Does not identify baggage or mental health
  • The traits measured remain stable over time
  • No ‘good’ or ‘bad’ behavioral styles
  • Should not be used to ‘box’ people
  • No decision should be made solely on the reports
  • High-performing employees and leaders can (and do) come from any behavioral style
  • The behavioral styles are neutral to gender, generation, culture, and birth order

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