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The DNA API uses Basic Auth with subscription keys managed by you in the Developer Portal.

Basic authentication is a simple authentication scheme built into the HTTP protocol. To use it, send your HTTP requests with an Authorization header that contains  "Subscription-Key", and "Key".

API Developer Portal: 


API Introduction

The DNA API can be integrated with many environments and programming languages via our REST API. The primary purpose of the API is to retrieve insights. To learn more about the insights and what they mean and measure, access our knowledge base here.

POST Requests

The primary POST request used in the DNA API is "Submit Answers". This serves two purposes:

  1. Creating new participants in your account
  2. Submitting answers collected in the Questionnaire

GET Requests

The bulk of the DNA API is GET Requests, which allows you to request behavioral data for participants after their answers have been posted to the account with the Submit Answers POST API. 

Response Timezones

Insert details about response time zones.

Testing Guide

Insert the link to the testing article and details here.

T-scores, Population Percentage, and Integers

Insert a note - reference the knowledge articles

Rate Limiting

Most API subscriptions and ISV Partner plans, inherently have limits on how many requests can be made during a specified amount of time. When these limits have been reached, errors will be presented in response to a request.

If our systems detect abnormally high or abusive levels of requests, our systems may temporarily rate limit or throttle access. If this occurs, our systems will limit traffic until the activity is determined to not be problematic for DNA Behavior, our partners, or our customers.

Support Access

Access to our Technical Specialist team for API support is currently limited to purchasers of our top-tier ISV Partner support plans. But don’t worry! There are quite a few options to help you get the answers you need:

  • Read our documentation for developers
  • Explore the endpoints of our API Documentation
  • Watch our videos and tutorials

Available Consultants

Check out the list of DNA API Consultants if you require deeper technical expertise for your integration.


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