5. Designing a Unique MVP: A Guide for ISV Partners of DNA Behavior

This article outlines four key phases for designing an MVP: defining the business challenge, leveraging insights from the DNA API, building wireframes, and developing UI mockups.


As an ISV partner of DNA Behavior, you have the opportunity to develop unique applications that solve specific business challenges and disrupt industries. DNA Behavior firmly believes in fostering innovation and enabling partners to create distinct behavioral solutions. In order to guide you through the process of designing a minimal viable product (MVP), this article provides tips and recommendations for each phase, ensuring you stay true to the principles of uniqueness and industry disruption.

Phase 1: Defining the Business Challenge

The first step in creating a successful MVP is to clearly define the business challenge you aim to solve. Identify the pain points and gaps in your target industry where behavioral insights can make a meaningful impact. By understanding the specific needs and objectives of your target market, you can design an MVP that addresses a genuine problem and delivers unique value.

Phase 2: Leveraging DNA API Insights

DNA Behavior offers a powerful API that provides valuable behavioral insights. Familiarize yourself with the capabilities of the API and explore the various data points and insights it offers. Gain a deep understanding of how these insights can be leveraged to solve the identified business challenge. By utilizing the DNA API effectively, you can create an MVP that capitalizes on the strengths of behavioral science and delivers actionable solutions.

Phase 3: Building Wireframes

Once you have a clear understanding of the business challenge and the insights available through the DNA API, it's time to start building wireframes. Wireframes are essential for visualizing the structure and functionality of your MVP. They help you define the user flow, interactions, and features required to solve the identified challenge. Focus on creating a user-friendly experience that effectively showcases the unique value proposition of your solution.

Phase 4: Developing UI Mockups

After finalizing the wireframes, it's time to bring your MVP to life through UI mockups. UI mockups allow you to design the visual elements and aesthetics of your application. Ensure that your mockups align with the branding guidelines of your target industry, while still maintaining a unique identity for your product. The user interface should be intuitive, visually appealing, and emphasize the value your solution provides in solving the business challenge.

Uniqueness and Industry Disruption:

DNA Behavior has a strict policy against copying or adapting our on-screen experiences for reselling in similar industries. ISVs are required to meet or exceed an 80% differentiation requirement. This means that DNA Behavior's intellectual property (IP) constitutes only 20% of the on-screen experience and the ISVs unique technology and offering constitutes the remaining 80%. 

Instead of mimicking DNA Behavior's product set and building a generic or universally applicable behavioral platform, the ISV partner program encourages the development of unique apps that disrupt specific industries. Embrace this ethos by focusing on innovation and differentiation in your MVP. Create a product that offers fresh insights, unique approaches, and sets new standards within your target market. By doing so, you'll not only meet the requirements of DNA Behavior but also stand out as a disruptor in your industry.

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Designing a unique MVP as an ISV partner of DNA Behavior requires careful consideration of the business challenge, leveraging the DNA API insights, building wireframes, and developing UI mockups. By adhering to the principles of uniqueness and industry disruption, you can create an innovative solution that stands out in the market. Embrace the opportunity to solve specific challenges, deliver unique value, and disrupt your industry with a product that showcases the power of behavioral insights. DNA Behavior is committed to supporting you on this journey, and we look forward to seeing the remarkable solutions you create.


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