Deals Requiring SOW (Statement of Work)

Objective: Streamline the process for generating, approving, and executing Statements of Work (SOW) for 10x or API clients, ensuring a clear and efficient workflow.

1. SOW Request Initiation:

 ▪ Sales Team: Identify deals requiring a Statement of Work (SOW). These typically include engagements with 10x or API clients. Submit the request for SOW to Sales Assistant, Dian Porter. For larger-scale clients, involve Ryan for his expertise and approval.

2. Docusign Template Utilization:

▪ Sales Assistant: Utilize the approved template available on Docusign for creating the SOW. Ensure that all necessary details, scope, and terms are accurately reflected in the document.

3. Client Submission and Approval:

▪ Sales Assistant: Send the completed SOW to the client for their review and approval. Clearly communicate the scope of work, deliverables, timelines, and any associated costs. Use secure and traceable communication channels.

4. Billing Department Involvement:

▪ Upon client approval, the Billing Department takes charge. They send the approved SOW to the client, along with the corresponding invoice to collect the agreed-upon payment.

5. Payment Follow-Up:

▪ Sales Assistant: Take ownership of the payment follow-up process. Regularly communicate with the client to ensure the timely processing of payments. Address any concerns or inquiries promptly.

6. Post-Payment Confirmation:

▪ Once payment is received, confirm the transaction with the client and update relevant internal records. Collaborate with the Billing Department to ensure accurate and up-to-date financial records.

7. Documentation and Record Keeping:

▪ Maintain comprehensive records of the entire SOW process, including the initial request, SOW creation, client approval, payment collection, and post-payment interactions. Store these records securely for future reference and auditing.

8. Continuous Improvement:

▪ Regularly review and assess the SOW process for opportunities to enhance efficiency, clarity, and client satisfaction. Solicit feedback from team members involved in the process to identify areas for improvement.


By following these guidelines, the SOW process becomes a systematic and transparent workflow, contributing to successful client engagements