Consulting Services for Financial Advisors

This article applies to Financial DNA subscribers who are looking for additional coaching support in working with families or teams on Financial DNA insights.

Common Questions:

 How can I get help with working with Financial DNA insights?

Does DNA Behavior provide consulting services?


DNA Behavior has a bench of consultants and coaches that can help you make Financial DNA Insights practical in your business and with your clients. Here are a few of the areas we provide services:

Practice Management

Financial DNA was started to solve a practice management problem in terms of how to provide a customized experience to every client on a scalable basis and yet reduce the time required in service delivery.

When Hugh Massie started DNA Behavior in 2001, he was a financial advisor at the time and set out to understand why his clients (including families) and the advisory team acted differently in similar circumstances and made unexpected decisions when they were under pressure. He wanted a way to predict these clients and team behaviors in advance of experiencing them first-hand when the markets suddenly changed or significant life events occurred so that his team could better serve his clients as unique individuals.

What Hugh then realized was that if the advisors were going to be offering these customized experiences and be able to effectively deal with such high-stakes client situations, they had to have a high degree of emotional intelligence at a personal level and also be able to work as a cohesive team capitalizing on each other’s strengths and managing their differences. This curiosity led to Hugh developing Business DNA, a behavioral talent management system running off the same platform as Financial DNA.

Today, DNA Behavior operates a comprehensive “all-in-one” platform that is used to measure over 4,000+ behavioral insights covering virtually every human habit: the way a person communicates, invests, works, and lives.

When Financial Services teams start using Financial DNA, the first step is for each of their employees to measure their own unique DNA styles. Financial DNA is built on a scalable technology platform that measures all aspects of an individual’s behavioral style – transformative Business DNA business and work talent reports are available in addition to the financial behavior report shared with investor clients.

Common team performance objectives resolved with behavioral discovery:

  • Understanding why team members naturally do things differently
  • Hiring the right talent to perform in the team
  • Minimizing team stress
  • Managing team members uniquely and aligning them to a common goal
  • Identifying and unlocking the blockages for efficient execution
  • Building open communication within the team and allowing creative conflict
  • Building higher levels of team engagement leading to longer retention
  • Matching team and customers for improved service and retention

Financial DNA Family Continuity:

Research shows that the biggest destroyer of family wealth is a breakdown in communication and trust within the family unit. Financial DNA has a network of experts and coaches (we call them Wealth Mentors) that can assist families in measuring the natural behavior of family members in order to address communication issues and build trust within families.

Understanding Differences:

Help family members understand each other’s different behavioral styles which drive their unique life and financial perspectives. We seek to build a higher level of understanding, acceptance, and respect for these differences so that everyone can be who they are and happily co-exist in the family unit by adapting how they communicate and behave.

Ultimately, we want everyone in the family unit to be able to sit down at dinner and give thanks to each other.

Recognizing the Impact of Wealth Transfer on Family Members:

Wealth transfer is not just about what the giver of wealth wants. It is understanding the impact of wealth transfer on the next generations and what it will do to their lives. To understand the impact you need to know who they are in terms of talents, motivations, financial personality, and capabilities.

Customizing Plans Which Balance Relationships and Results:

The Family Continuity Plan (estate and investment plans) must be customized to meet the human and financial needs of the family members. A balance between preserving family relationships, allowing family members to live independent lives, and being fiscally responsible must be achieved. If the plan does not fit who the family members are it will ultimately break down.

Alignment of the Advisory Team:

The advisory team is an influencer on the family's decision-making. Therefore, having the advisors know how to communicate with each family member in order to build greater trust is critical. Also, the advisors need to know the impact of their biases on the solutions they offer the different family members.

Coaches and Consultants in the DNA Coach Network have vast experience helping financial services firms apply behavioral insights to compliance processes to reduce risk, improve reporting, and mitigate rogue employees, creating family continuity and managing practices in a behaviorally smart way. 

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