Checklist for Debriefing Natural Behavior Report

This article applies to Business DNA users that want to debrief a workplace operations report with a client or team member. 

Common Question:  

How can I prepare to debrief a natural behavior discovery? 

Solution Overview: 

This article describes a process for debriefing insights with a client.  We reference the Workplace Operations report here, but these insights may be located in other places in the new system. 



Pre-Work for Debrief 

  • Read Profile 
  • Review talents over 60 & under 40 
  • Prepare key questions 
  • Review the Unlocking guide and profile 


  • Greeting 
  • Connection to DNA Report - Question (Did you read….how did you relate to it…) 
  • Purpose of your time together 
  • Use Unlocking Guide for DNA Background & Context  
  • 10 Styles 
  • Hard Wired vs Learned 
  • No profile is inherently good or bad, just whether it is the best fit for the tasks. 
  • Equal but Opposite Strengths 
  • A strength overused becomes a Struggle; a struggle not managed can become a weakness. 

Debrief with Either Business DNA Summary Report or Workplace Operations Report 

  • Which of the 10 styles  
  • Overview of the graph on talents – Lower scores below 40 & Highs above 60 
  • Highlight 2 strongest traits 
  • Review Work Life Behavioral Attitudes 
  • Review Business Insights 
  • Walk through Performance Environment Keys (Strengths, struggles & Performance Keys) 
  • How they naturally relate to others 
Wrap Up 
  • Take questions as they arrive and round off the debrief with a summary & open for more questions & way ahead. 

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