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Business DNA Discovery Facilitation

This article addresses how to approach debriefing Business DNA Insights with your client.

Common Questions: 

How should I review reports with clients? 

How do I debrief a Business DNA Discovery?  

Solution Overview: 

This article addresses how to approach debriefing Business DNA Insights with your client.   

Details :

As you prepare to debrief or walk a client through the Business DNA insights, you’ll want to identify the context for the discovery for the participant. 

Think about the following questions as you prepare: 

  • What is the key performance issue for the participant? 
  • What is the key decision the participant has to make? 
  • How does the participant manage results and relationships? 
  • What tasks and activities does the participant naturally perform well? 
  • What areas does the participant struggle with and cause stress? 

As you get started with discussing the insights with your client – ask what they thought of the discovery or how they felt about the results.  Ask them about the accuracy of the results in their mind and where they have questions.  Here you are listening for what stands out to a client and where you might take the conversation to stay relevant to your participant’s needs.  The following questions can help guide the conversation – but make it a true conversation and don’t feel forced to “stick to a script”. 

  • How did you feel about your Natural Behavior Discovery? 
  • Do you believe the Natural Behavior Discovery is accurate?  
  • What aspects of the report/insights do you agree with or disagree with? 
  • Are there any parts of the report/insights you do not understand? 
  • Has/Have the report/insights told you something new about yourself? 
  • Has/Have the report/insights identified differences you have with others? 
  • What do you believe is your greatest behavioral talent (as reflected in your Natural Behavior strengths)? 
  • From reviewing your report/insights, what part of your behavior do you struggle with most? 
  • How have you learned to adapt your behavior in key areas of life ex: business leadership, career, family)? 
  • Have you shown your spouse the report? If so, what do they think? 

If clients object to insights in their reports remember the following: 

  • Natural Behavior discovery outcomes are validated with 97.1%  accuracy. 
  • Objections provide a great opportunity to discuss the insights more and learn about the person and their needs. 
  • If someone objects to insights it could also be: 
  • A “blind spot” on their behalf 
  • They have a lack of clarity about who they are 
  • They do not want to see themselves in a particular light (ex: they are fast-paced, hence rational and cool with people – although their “values” are about people  
  • They could be seeing their learned behavior but not their natural hard-wired behavior: does their behavior change under pressure (ex: they prefer to be scheduled as this is key for success but it is not a natural trait) 
  • Recommend the participant show the insights to another person close to them like a spouse or partner or best friend. 

Here is the link for the Leadership Behavior DNA Book:



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